How to find a job in crypto?

By Crypto4light | crypto4light | 29 Apr 2023

Numerous directions in crypto have been overvalued in the current market, and as a result, the methods of earning have shifted. Currently, only those crypto-projects that "have something to show" and are unafraid to continue working in a bear market are active. These are the projects that post permanent job openings, and you are interested in these positions.

That is, if you desire a more stable position with guaranteed compensation, you can search for vacancies on Web-3 job sites. There are numerous such platforms; here are some examples:

To pique your interest, on the first site you can compare the average salaries of technical and non-technical specialists in this field.

In 95% of instances, a CV, also known as a resume, is required to apply for a position.

This platform makes it easy to create a resume, for instance:

In the CV, we mention:

•Internship in projects related to crypto or the job you're applying for - Brief bio - Contact information (discord + email required) •References to prior works (infographics, memes, trades, etc.)

After submitting your resume, you will most likely be contacted and invited to an interview.

Online interviews are conducted primarily in English on platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet (unless otherwise specified in the vacancy).

Depending on experience, salaries for technical positions (developer, architect, security guard) range between $50,000 and $150,000 per year.

We provide only a short list of positions, and it is important to note that the requirements for technical positions are not notably different from those for regular IT positions. However, in the crypto industry, more and more new study paths are currently being compensated, and so they are attempting to fill this niche with professionals.

Technical positions include:

•Software Developer •DevOps Engineer •Full-Stack Developer •Auditor of Smart Contracts

For non-technical positions (designer, manager), this ranges from $30,000 to $100,000 per year.

The following are examples of positions:

•Chief Marketing Officer •Token Economist •Community Lead •Chief Marketing Officer for Growth

Non-technical and technical positions are, in fact, the work of a typical freelancer, but for the foreign market, because EU nations and the United States/Canada have a great need for those who will build new blockchains, optimize the work of others, manage people, create content, and popularize crypto.

Even if you lack confidence in the English language, you can find a position that allows you to use a regular online translator (such as a content creator position) and contribute to the project group.

Due to the emergence of numerous new projects and the expansion of existing ones, as well as a dearth of qualified individuals, the wage gap remains significant and competition is almost nonexistent.

Generally, a fixed amount will be paid in currency for a full-time contract, but for one-time contracts or situational work (creating content, etc.), you can agree to be paid in tokens.

On such websites, it is easy to filter work based on payment and skills. Welcome to the Internships section if you have no experience whatsoever in this field. There, you will learn the fundamentals of one or more professions, but you will typically be required to sign a contract for further employment if you pass the test period.

Obviously, it will be much easier to obtain an internship if you have prior experience in cryptography or in positions relevant to the desired position.

The internship itself takes place within a couple of months, you are given test tasks and introduced to the team, and they assess your compatibility with the team, your shared values, etc. After a successful internship, if you have exceeded a certain success threshold, the details of future cooperation will be negotiated with you. It is also advisable to discuss the amount of compensation and calculate the tax costs in Ukraine.

The success threshold is a conditional standard that each company establishes for itself; it can be, for instance, 80% of successfully completed test tasks (wrote good code, created good infographics, etc. in more than 80% of instances).

If you have already discovered several interesting projects that you would like to become more involved with, congrats - they likely have open positions or ambassadorship opportunities.

If not, there are a multitude of services that can assist you in locating an ambassador. One example of this is There are ambassadors, one-time events, and drops available. Before and after the beginning of a new bull cycle, now is the most advantageous time to select truly important projects, complete with a plan and means of execution, and adhere to them.

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