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LINK, DOT and Uniswap | Chart Analysis | BEARISH | 13 FEB

By Joao16 | Crypto405 | 13 Feb 2022

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LINK Analysis

Link reject 19$ and EMA56 and is probably going to test lower supports like 15$ or 13$ maybe 10$ and then depending on how btc will react when it gets to 30k Link will kinda do the same, but the next analysis on these cryptos we will see it better.





DOT Analysis

Dot reject EMA500(23$) the biggest old support that is now a resistence and like LINK, Polkadot is going to go to lower prices, lower supports like 18$, 17$ or even 13$ or 10$.





Uniswap Analysis

Uni reject the old support 13$ and is now testing the 10$ support, This one already broke the summer supports and because of that this is a crypto that i will have a better look because she is very bearish and is already at a price way lower from is ATH. if it continues like this, UNI could go to lower prices like 3$ when btc hits 30k and maybe if someday btc breaks 30k support even for a weak or two UNISWAP could go below 1$ which would be one of the greatest oportunities for buyers.






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Supertrend Indicator Daily and Weekly

LINK |  Weekly chart |   Down Trend |                         
       |  Daily chart     |   Down Trend |                         
DOT  |  Weekly chart | Down Trend  |                      
           |  Daily chart    |  Down Trend  |                        
UNI |  Weekly chart  |   Down trend   |       
        |  Daily chart      |  Down Trend   |                        


RSI Indicator

All of them reject 50 on the RSI Indicator because of that down trend for this Cryptos will continue.











Suports and resistences

LINK|  Suport -> 15$                  
        |  Resistence -> From 18$ to 19$        
DOT |   Suport  -> 18$          
        |  Resistence -> 23$                  
UNI  |  Suport  -> 10.5$
        |  Resistence ->12$             


Volume (in the last 7 days)

LINK | 7.8M->6.3M Lower, Reject a resistence it's normal to increase and then come back to lower volumes.             
DOT |  9.9M->8.9M Lower.                     
UNI  |  2.1M->1.9M Lower.                  


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