Crypto | Can We Still Have Upside for the Rest of the Year | 26 Oct

By Joao16 | Crypto405 | 26 Oct 2022

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Chart Analysis

Looking at the charts we can clearly see that Bitcoin had a massive downtrend since Nov 2021, going from almost 70K to 17K which was a surprise for some people like me that did not expect bitcoin to break 30K in the summer.

From where I am standing bitcoin had a harsh winter and that could mean bitcoin could have a nice bull market until the end of the year, I don't really think bitcoin will start another BIG Bull Market but I think it will go up until the end of the year.




Looking at the chart again, Bitcoin has been holding pretty well at the 19K support, a very important support that is squezzing the price against the EMA56, basically in the next couple of days bitcoin will break EMA56 and turn it into a support or reject the breaking and go to 15K which i don't really think it will happen because every indicator is looking nice for upside, for example:

  • We have been experiencing Big Volumes since September

  • We have been trying to make 50 the support in the RSI  


This new and short analysis is my way of saying "I'm Back", I really hope this time i can manage to post daily chart analysis again. If you guys support me it would help me getting motivation to write for this incredible platform again. Thank you All!

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