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By Joao16 | Crypto405 | 12 Jan 2022

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Before you read this article check out the analysis on BTC that i did 2 weeks ago to understand better what is happening and what could happen!


Daily Chart Analysis

CRO is still in a downtrend, but very different than the last time. We also have a descending triangle that break to the downside when CRO broke the 0.50 USDT support BUT this broke was not strong and could be a fakeout to go to the upside.


FIB Retracement

Righ now CRO broke 0.618 of the Fib retracement for the ones that still believe in Bull Market for CRO this is not a good sign. Basically 0.618 of Fib retracement is a very important suport and righ about when i'm writing this article CRO is trying to stay above, with a little help of Bitcoin but still below 0.618, this means that Bitcoin has to go up hard so that CRO can make a support there again if that doesn't happen the next targets would be between 0.35 and 0.30 where the 0.786 support of the Fib retracement is.



If we look at the EMA's indicator we can see that CRO lost EMA 56 (that is now a new resistence) and he is trying to lose EMA 99, if that happen next target is EMA200 at 0.35.



The Daily RSI is not that good, he is below the 50's and close to the 30's but still didn't touch the 30 witch means that is still going to do it or maybe is gonna hold and comeback above the 50 area.


Price Prediction

So, Because BTC is doing a hard downtrend my price prediction for the next week based on my analysis is that CRO is going to go the downside get the 0,35 target and then stay there for a while, I'm not seeing any strong buy in CRO and that is why i don't really think the price is gonna go up, of course that i could be wrong! Don't do anything because i said something, my job is make you understand in what point of the market we are and you take your own decisions about buying or selling. :)


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