Aave, bat and btc

BTC, AAVE and BAT | Chart Analysis | BTC is Hanging on by his Fingertips to not Fall to 30k | 04 FEB

By Joao16 | Crypto405 | 4 Feb 2022

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Bitcoin Analysis

On his first attemped to get above EMA500 (40k) Bitcoin rejected that could mean his going to fall to 30k, but only if he loses the 36.8k support. In my opinion btc will go first until 45k then i'm thinking he is going to reject EMA56 on the weekly chart and finnaly go until 23k but it is a WILD guess.



BAT Analysis

Bat didn't lose EMA500 wich is good, it could mean that when btc goes up it would explode, but if btc goes down again Bat will defenitly lose his biggest support and also start a bigger downtrend. Let's be hopefull, it's like i said in btc i think he could go to 45k before it falls again if that happen we could see 1.30$ on BAT again soon.


AAVE Analysis

Aave is currently at a big support (150$) if aave has buy pression and btc helps it could go to 200 before it falls again.d6481de186dd4ff3f4a847cc45a3cced2a1d82c990ed30c9796258c280eb88c6.png


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Supertrend Indicator Daily and Weekly

BTC |  Weekly chart |   Down Trend |                         
       |  Daily chart     |  Down Trend  |                         
AAVE  |  Weekly chart |  Down Trend  |                      
           |  Daily chart    |  Down Trend  |                        
BAT |  Weekly chart  |   Uptrend       |       
        |  Daily chart     |  Down Trend |                        


RSI Indicator

All of them are below 50, which is not good let's hope when BTC gets to 50 don't reject that.










Suports and resistences

BTC |  Suport ->  36.8k and 30k                      
       |  Resistence -> From 40k and 45k                    
AAVE |   Suport  -> 96$                    
           |  Resistence -> 150$                        
BAT   |  Suport  ->  0.70$
         |  Resistence -> 1$                     


Volume (in the last 7 days)

BTC | 44k->45k Bigger, but still low.             
AAVE |  167k->150k Lower.                     
BAT  |  16.6M->15.9M Lower.                  


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