Rollercoin - Lunar New Year mini event

By mareknovak357 | crypto357 | 23 Jan 2023

Hello guys,

there is new event in Rollercoin called "Lunar New Year" which started just today.

We can get up to 7 miners from this event and 3 newly added racks. These racks are adding power to your miners - but be careful - because it is giving extra percentage power only to those which are placed on them (in contrast to bonus power from miners alone - which is calculated for whole set). Anyway it is really nice to have these new mini events almost every month as it is always good distraction and helps the marketplace to move the prices.

In case you are interested into participating to this event and want to know beforehand which rewards are available, there is list of all 25 rewards published at

Let me know in comments which rewards you think you will be able to get.

If you are new to this game - it is simulation of crypto mining where you are rewarded with real crypto. However in order to have at least reasonable "gain", you need to spend a lot of time playing it or get some refferals. Otherwise it is just more like for fun game. But getting better every year.

Enjoy the event and "see you" another time. :)

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