Coinpot, One Of The Oldest And Most Appreciated Crypto Faucets Is Closing Down

Coinpot, One Of The Oldest And Most Appreciated Crypto Faucets Is Closing Down

By Zemiatin | crypto1 | 17 Jan 2021

If you are in the crypto faucets game, you probably heard about Coinpot. For me, Coinpot was the best faucet out there. You are not going to get rich out of faucets unless you manage to get an army of referral but for me Coinpot was a good place to earn some bits of crypto.


Even though I did hear stories about some users having troubles with withdrawals, every time I cashed out, my funds were received without any problems. I also like the fact that you could earn 5 different coins on the website: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, and Dogecoin.

Faucets aren't what they used to be in the past, but for newbs just getting intro crypto, they were a nice way to get their feet wet and learn a bit about how everything works and the ones who have been active for years might have actually earned quite a nice chunk over time considering the bull run that happened to Bitcoin recently.

I probably earned around 60$ in Bitcoin from Coinpot so I definitely did not get rich from it, but I am still really sad to hear they are shutting down. They have been online for a lot of years and overall they had a pretty good reputation and that is not something you can say about a lot of crypto faucets.

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