#HPUD & #LPUD - Hive & Leo Powerup Day

By ervin-lemark | Crypto World News | 1 Feb 2021

It's the first of February and you know the drill.

1. Power up HIVE!

There is an additional mandatory step.

2. Power up LEO!

It is a custom for me to power 50 Hive every first day of the month.


The second step is, at least for now, much more interesting.

Over the last days I accumulated a small heap of Hive through several sources:

  • selling StarBits that I daily take from the Rising Star Game StarBits millionaire mission,
  • selling liquid Hive-Engine tokens,
  • selling all HBD that I got lately in for of post rewards.

The result was quite nice - 700 Hive transferred to Hive-Engine in order to exchange it for LEO.

Before the swap:

Along with SWAP.HIVE tokens the transaction will result in ... several trades later ...

After the swap and power-up of 245.408 LEO:


603.914 / 812 = 74%

Three quarters to achieve the Puma status reached!

Cover photo: small puma looking over us somewhere near Naples, October 31st, 2017

Better and better

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