Top 3 Play To Earn NFT Game Coming This 2022 With INSANE POTENTIAL!
Top 3 Play To Earn NFT Game Coming This 2022 With INSANE POTENTIAL!

Top 3 Play To Earn NFT Game Coming This 2022 With INSANE POTENTIAL!

For today's article we will review the upcoming play to earn NFT games that I think have potential in the market. They are still upcoming and their token is not yet available, so you have a chance to participate in their presale if you want to buy a certain amount. The good thing about these upcoming projects is that no one knows much about them yet and when you enter here first you can make more money compared to those who are in the middle of entering or entering late. However, you will take the higher risk, that's the only downside if the project didn't succeeds but once a project becomes succesful and you are one of the first people who enter, you will get bigger profits but always do your own research as well because the NFT games that I will cover today are just based on my opinion, that I think has great potential. I will take an investor approach that even if you don't play the game or just buy a token and hold it, you can still make profit based on their overall fundamentals.


This is an idle RPG game, I will not do an indepth review here, we will just check their game, graphics, because if one project has a good graphics, there is a chance to attract more players, more demand and it will results to a high evaluation of the project. Of course we also need to look at tokenomics so that we can have an expectation of its possible price if there is too much supply or just right, also partnership, if a project has a partnership with well known brands or investment firms because that is a factor for a successful project. Teams and road map, so here they have a good design for the game, we can see that in the demo. This game is under Binance Smart Chain, NFT play to earn, with PVP, Arena and Campaign. As for tokenomics at the time of writing this article, it is not yet on the market and they will only have a public sale on November 5 if their road map does not change.

The total supply of Elemon token open is 2 billion, its primary use case is for farming to earn points, for NFT redemption, for payment, for purchase in the marketplace and that will be updated in the future. So 31% is allocated to the ecosystem and quite a lot is allocated to its marketing which is for me a good thing because there are other projects that are good but there is not much marketing done so their project is not noticed by people, 18% is in the team and it is on vesting period and will be unlocked little by little within 40 months. So it doesn't matter that its PVP game will be released next year, quarter 1 of 2022, they are from Vietnam and they are not an anonymous team like the others, they also have many partnerships here. Take note that most of the rug pull projects are anonymous teams and there is no partnership to show and if you want to learn more about the game just follow their official social media accounts.


It is a multiplayer fantasy, action, RPG game, they have equipped it with play to earn mechanics but free to play. This game was developed by Stepico Games, so even though its token is Ethereum based, we won't have a problem with high gas fees in the game because it will run in layer 2, If you are loking for a good graphics, This game is for you. Stepico has many mobile games released and you can check it out on their website, when it comes to tokenomics, their token is GOG token with 1 billion Mac Supply, it is planned to incentivize long term growth and sustainability. The largest percentage of tokens will go to game rewards, we will earn here depending on playtime, account level, account history and completion of daily quest, its white paper is quite long and they have a detailed plan for the game so I think the Guild of Guardian is one game that can last longer. The alpha version of the game is on their roadmap in 2022, the team I mentioned earlier which is Stepico games from Ukraine with more than 80 designers, artists and developers.


If you are a gamer you are probably already familiar with the concept of this game, inspired by Dota 2 and League of Legends. This is a play to earn MOBA game, but it says here that it is free to play, there are heroes out there that are available to use for free and this is under Binance Smart Chain. We don't have the LOA token yet and we will have ownership here in the skin that we can use on the heroes there, also theres a marketplace here and staking. Of course the gameplay here has a normal mode, 5V5 which is like a classic, there is also a rank mode for NFT matches, tournaments, etc. Its token is 25% reserved for play to earn reward, 15% for staking and etc., this game is not yet released but the beta version will be realeased on the 3rd quarter of 2022, then the marketplace will be released on the first quarter of 2022, so there is still a long way to go before we can play it.

When it comes to the team, honestly it's not so impressive when we compare it to the Guild of Guardians that really established the constituents. Partnership is not here on the website and in the white paper, there will probably be that too because the game will be out for a long time. By the way they have a referral program here, when you invite your friends to sign up and connect their Metamask you can get 10 LOAs for free and you can see the procedure on their website.

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The information above does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any sort of advice. I'm not a financial advisor nor an expert in such, so make sure you always do your own research first before investing. Happy Trading, Earning, Playing and Learning everyone!

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