Things You Should Know About Plants Vs. Undead PvP Mode
Things You Should Know About Plants Vs. Undead PvP Mode

Things You Should Know About Plants Vs. Undead PvP Mode

The Plants Vs. Undead PVP mode is a tower defense game, similar to our traditional game Plants Vs. Zombies, where the undead or zombies will attack your mother tree and the plants you have will defend it. Because in PVP mode you don't need a minimum investment, you can play it for free, 0 investment and if you play the farm mode you are sure to have NFT plants transferred to PVP mode right away, that's a big help but read this article first because I have some advice for you.

Once you have a factory chain in your Metamask and you have accessed the PVP mode marketplace, first get the QR code and save it on your Mobile devices, then go to the website and download the application, available to both Android and IOS.


That's the interface of Plants Vs Undead PVP mode, let's go to the change plants first, once inside the plant set up you will see here the plants that are already available that you can include in the battle. Now the plants that have no design or no icon on the back are what we call baby plants, these are the plants that you can use to play PVP mode without having to use NFT plants. Now if you have NFT plants you will know this because he has an element behind him or in his background. Now, regardless of whether it's NFT or baby plant, you can only bring 12 plants to a battle and to bring it you have to highlight or tap the plant itself and click the plus sign of dun in the middle and that's how you just choose the plants you want. Once you see the check mark on the plants, it means that they are already there and you can also see them on the right. If you do not have a mother tree when entering this game you will also be given the mother tree of this game and you have three options, it just depends on what abilities of the mother trees you like or suit for your strategy.

Once you have selected the plants and mother trees, just press the normal on the side to start looking for opponents, now the season is not available yet because we are in the Beta phase, in other words it is normal the unranked mode and this season is the rank mode so it is very important that you practice in the unranked mode first so that when they open the rank mode you have a high chance of winning and only in rank mode can you get an FPVU Token, so that means the money in this game you will get dun in rank mode, i.e. if you want to earn money in this game you need to play rank mode.

Let's talk now about how you can have NFT in this game. The easiest and the fastest way is if you have money you invest you buy a token and you buy a plant in the marketplace. Just in case you have already played the PVU farm mode and you already have NFT plants before they start growing on October 20, it just means that you already have plants when you enter this game and that is what is called clone plants.

If it's your first time in Plants vs Undead PVP mode and you don't have NFT plants yet there is still a chance that you can have NFT plants for free and you don't have to invest. So in case you don't want to buy an NFT plant in the marketplace you can craft your NFT plants but to be able to craft you need the NFT fragments when called, you can get it when you play normally in their rank mode. That's all for you to get the NFT fragment needed You or your opponent has an NFT plant against you, when two down the NFT plant you brought and your opponent in that game you will not get a fragment. If you bring three to five NFT plants you have a chance to get 1 to 2 NFT fragments when 6 to 11 NFT plants are 3 to 4 NFT fragments and when 12 and above are 5 to 7 NFT fragments.

If you are a free player and you do not have an NFT plant and your opponent has three NFT plants and you win that battle, even if you do not have an NFT plant you can get an NFT fragment. But I will admit to you that a player with an NFT plant is a bit difficult against a player, it is not impossible, you can win but you have to practice.

If you have an NFT plant you have things to keep in mind when you play PVP mode, every NFT plant you have has durability, in case your NFT plants are clone plants or here are the plants from farm mode clone on October 20 moved to PVP mode it has 50 durability, in case you craft an NFT plant using the fragments you get in each battle then it has 100 durability, in case you buy an NFT plant offering its the game has 120 durability. What is this durability for? If you have an NFT plant in the battle, each time you win it will be reduced by one durability and in case you lose there in your battle 4 random plants will be reduced by the same durability tag. When you reach the 0 durability of your plant, you can burn it to become a fragment, that's all, when you burn clone plants, you won't be able to get a fragment here.

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