Buying a land in The Sandbox

Excited, I can see the countdown on my screen and it is a little less than 3 hours for a chance to buy a land in the upcoming game, The Sandbox.

Waiting on the countdown to buy a land in The Sandbox

As an old time gamer, one aspect that attracted me into the crypto world was games. I always thought that it would be nice to earn some coins or a token in a game and go spend it in another one. Or even better items that translate from game to game. I always thought that the mini games in Final Fantasy were a great idea. A game within a game with this idea of having things that translate between them.

VoxEdit Features, the editor of The Sandbox game

Another aspect I always liked in games is the one of customization or even better how to create something unique. From randomly generated items with random stats to dye-able clothes and armors. With customizable haircuts and aspects. I always enjoyed that uniqueness in games.

VoxEdit Beta image form The Sandbox

So what does it have to do with The Sandbox? Well this game set in the crypto-world is a bit of it all. Lands can be owned in the form of NFTs and creatures, items and even props and decors can be made by players. Yes you read that right, players can use the voxel editor to create their own things. They can even be sold to other players for, you guess it, crypto.

Game Maker of The Sandbox game

Another pretty unique to this game is that it is not a game. Weird isn't it? Well the basis is that yes, there is a big open world where we could have a character moving around but games themselves can again be made by the players. They have a game maker application as well.

So what is happening now…

At this very moment, I am waiting for the countdown to hit 0. Last time lands went on sale I didn't had anything to invest and buy one and they sold out in under 2 hours. And I think this is a good sign for the future. Big companies like Binance, Atari, Square Enix, Maker and others also bought lands already. Some big estates are worth over 20,000$ in ETH and spawns many lands inside of them. There was some specific windows of time when lands are available for sale and today is the start of a 4 days event. Since numbers of lands are limited there will only be a fixed number in the whole game.

What is needed to buy a land in The Sandbox?

Before this sale lands were bought with Ethereum ETH but now The Sandbox launched their own currency called $SAND which can be bought on Binance already. Being an ERC-20 token there is still a need to keep some ETH in the MEtamask Wallet to pay for the gas fee of the transaction buying the land.

SAND token on Binance


There are different categories and sizes of lands and some come with some special and assets already available and unique to this sale.

So I will go back to the ticking numbers on my screen and will update more after the sale. 

Here are some links to the game but stay tuned for my article that covers it more in depth.

What is a land?

Voxedit to create in The Sandbox

Features of The Sandbox


And in case you would like to buy one or just create an account you can help me and use my referral link here:


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