Analyze markets and trade on multiple exchanges with Aurox

Lately, I choose to up my game with market analysis and get back to trading a bit. I was looking for different tools such as Shrimpy but it did not fit my needs. I just wanted something like a market aggregator or even better something to track and trade on multiple exchanges from one place. You should also hurry up to try Aurox it out as they offer more than 300$ worth of analytic tools for free at the moment.


Here comes Aurox

I got introduced to Aurox from some post on the market analysis I saw on Uptrennd or maybe on Anyway, that is not important. What caught my attention was the fact that it seems I could spot different markets on the screen. And I was right, it’s possible to monitor several markets on different exchanges at once. It is web-based so it will run on any computer and system. I guess it will also work on mobile although I never tried.


Trade or follow trends like a Pro


Workspaces and widgets

A cool feature of Aurox is the ability to configure several workspaces. They are different views we can name to quickly switch between graphs, analysis tools, and options. They can also be customized to have different widgets. These widgets can be for trading like books, market depths, and such. It can also be for balances across different exchanges. In fact, almost every widget is tied to a specific pair on a specific exchange.


It even has signals or should I say indicators.

Yes, you read that right. Although it is not a guaranteed thing, it does give a buy or sell indicator based on automated analysis. They say it is reliable at about 70%. It’s easy to see that this is true looking at the charts. Normally this feature is a pro feature but it is available currently for free. It’s been quite good to me to long and short little amount in BTC futures contracts on Binance and Kucoin.


Other more advanced indicators

On top of all the regular tools offered by most exchanges, Aurox has its own tools such as a TD sequential indicator. A much-overlooked analysis tool in crypto. Another useful tool is the Aurox lines, which do all the work for you at showing support or resistance levels. There are also Directional Indicators DI and Directional Moving Indicators DMI and more. All these will please the most advanced trader or give the opportunity to the beginner to try and see many different trading strategies and graph/market analysis.

Head over to Aurox to try or start trading:

There is also currently a referral reward for bringing people to the platform.

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