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By Fuglypump | Crypto with Fugly | 15 Jan 2022

Publish0x is a blogging platform powered by cryptocurrency where you don't need to invest or pay anything to sign up and start earning. Tips are free and funded directly by the rewards pool to pay both the reader and the author.


Getting started is easy, you can create an account using an email address, Twitter or Facebook. After creating your account you can start earning crypto for reading articles right away.

There are 3 main earning methods:
  • Tipping authors
  • Writing articles
  • Ambassador program

Tipping authors

At the bottom of every article there is a tipper with a slider which controls the percentage of the value that you get you keep versus how much is given to the author. Every day you can tip up to tip 7 different articles for free and you can keep up to 80% of each tip for yourself. There is a 10 minute timer between tips and you can only tip an author once per hour.


Writing articles

Writing articles on Publish0x isn't for everyone but it is definitely the best way to earn because posting content allows readers to tip you. If you do start writing then you will attract more tips with higher quality content. To start writing articles you need to apply to become an author in the dashboard, the approval process usually takes under 24 hours.

Ambassador program

Earn 5% of every tip generated by your referrals using the tipper at the bottom of each article. This includes both the tip to the author and the amount claimed by your referral. If you use my referral link to sign up it helps support me without costing you anything.

Tokens used as tips

Currently there are two tokens available for the free tipping feature, Ampleforth (AMPL) and Statera (STA) are selected randomly when tipping.


  • Minimum On-Chain withdrawal for AMPL is $5.00
  • Minimum withdrawal to KuCoin for AMPL is $0.50
  • Minimum On-Chain withdrawal for STA is $0.50


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More ways to earn free crypto:.
  • Coinbase - Learn and earn program that rewards various cryptocurrencies


This article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Please do your own research before making any financial decisions.

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Crypto with Fugly
Crypto with Fugly

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