Will Blackrock’s BTC Spot ETF Spark The Next Crypto Bull-run

By Crypto Wisdom | Crypto wisdom | 21 Nov 2023

Anyone who’s invested in crypto before this bear market is eagerly awaiting the next bull run, when they’ll finally get out of the red and into the green. 

There has been much speculation and anticipation surrounding the supposed upcoming bull and what might get it started. 

Speculation that a win in the Ripple vs SEC case might start the rally was pretty significant, it may very well be that the rally has begun but it certainly didn’t take us all the way. 

Some are hopeful that with the approval of a BTC ETF by Blackrock - a formidable investment and management firm, price might reflect the additional access to capital thus allowing the price of BTC soar. 

There are also those that are heavily relying upon the BTC halving cycle and are sure that that’s what will ignite the bull run. 

While all of this is possible I’d like to point out that more often than not the speculation and hype are far greater than the actual event.

While it is likely for all of these events to have significant impact on the price action and the market in general, if there’s anything I’ve learned from my time here is that it isn’t really predictable what effect any particular event will have and that it doesn’t always live up to the expectations. 

Indeed I am hopeful that there will be another bull run I’m just not keen on tying it to one specific event, it may be a combination or a gradual incline, it may be caused by unexpected events, or it may very well be a traditional market change as we’ve seen in the past, let’s rather manage our expectations and be pleasantly surprised when the time comes whenever and however it may come about. 

Wishing you all much luck and success in all your endeavors! 

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