TRON / TRX is now the time?
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TRON / TRX is now the time?

By fa113nstar | Crypto vs. Cash | 13 Mar 2020

With all the Justin Sun DRAMA aside...


Is now the time to buy TRON / TRX and win big?

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It has seen some highs and lows, but has been going strong despite the fluctuation. And any vehicle with that moment is going somewhere. The amount of support and uses are growing daily. With more adoption of the TRON blockchain, and people hearing the name (good or bad) it validates it more and more in the long run.

Take a look at the historical price data:

TRON historical price data

It has a potential to go back to $0.30 and beyond. While it has been in the single digits for some time now. let us remember this is new technology and is still in its infancy. The growth potential is unlimited once it has been fully adopted by society as a whole. 

take a look at the data and just think, a small investment, $300 dollars. Has the potential to grow into $20k+ with the price merely going back up to $0.25. And $90k+ if it goes up to a $1USD.

Currently the price is at a historic low as of recent years.

TRON current price


But despite a smaller market capitalization, there is still large dollars flowing in and out of TRON rapidly at the moment. take a look:


over A BILLION DOLLARS!  in and out in the last 24 hours!


Now think in terms of long term. if you are staking your tron, you will be getting a return on it for sitting in your account. compound that with the growing price, and in a few years, there is potential to make millions for pennies.

Why not take a chance on TRON , (it was a great movie after all) and could be one of the best investments of all time!!



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Crypto vs. Cash
Crypto vs. Cash

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