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Corona Virus Affecting the flow of money.

By fa113nstar | Crypto vs. Cash | 10 Mar 2020

Hello everybody!

with the recent down turn in the markets both cash based and crypto based, while both markets have been affected by the virus speculation and the oil disagreements. these fears have generated mass sell offs and hysteria.

Large scale events have been canceled and or postponed. With talks of Coachella being canceled next. the revenue that these companies, events and cities take in is massive. that helps fuel that markets.

The money does not flow toward the markets when no one is spending.

However, this is a prime time to strengthen investments that you believe in and are sound projects and companies.

For my cash holdings I keep a mixed portfolio with a large tech influence.

with crypto, I maintain a mixed of mainstream coins and alt coins. I love to keep them staking, even when down, I know the rebound will happen.

As soon as I feel its hit the bottom I will be increasing some positions.

If you watch the trends in the crypto market, there is always a large pull back, with a leap forward following, then a pull back and repeat.

Don't be scared out of your investments.

HOLD fast. this Virus shall pass.


update: the fed have cut the interest rate, more panic to be in sight. Bars and pubs now closed. This is wild

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Crypto vs. Cash
Crypto vs. Cash

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