What the world needs Now is: Decentralized Finance, Decentralized Internet and uncontrollable access

By DJ-Pluis | Crypto Vision & Fun | 2 Mar 2022

“Investors are speculating that crypto will become increasingly important apolitical and trustless money in a time of escalating geopolitical uncertainty, conflict, and capital controls,” Arcane Research wrote.

And that is exactly what I´ve been seeing and saying. We saw what happened to Canada a so-called democratic regime and we see the impact now on Russia and Ukraine.

In times of crisis, it´s mega important to have a decentralized financial system that can not be censored. That can reach anyone with an internet connection (thanks Elon) directly.


And that internet connection is where we currently fail because it´s highly centralized. And times like these show the need for the internet to also become decentralized, not saying Elon is the next Putin.... But what if he was on the other side, how can we make sure that the world wide web, can not be controlled?

Because in times of crisis we require a decentralized uncontrollable finance on an uncontrollable internet with an open for all infrastructure.

How would a Decentralized Web Work?

Decentralized internet is built by a large community using a peer-to-peer network. That network would host the internet, unlike the very much controlled centralized servers on which the internet is based today. Websites would use hundreds of nodes on different devices, removing the risk of crashing, DDos attacks, and censorship.

Why Not Now?

I guess until now everybody was a sleeping Joe with regards to the need for a decentralized web, they were put to sleep by Big Companies providing the servers and monetizing their data. And to be honest I never thought about it till now, because I simply do not need it. But as we see more totalitarian regimes around the world trying to control what they should not be controlling 

Decentralized internet is the sort of idea that works great once everyone is on board with using it. But until then, the sheer fact that no one is using something tends to function as a Catch-22: No one wants to use it because no one is already using it.

As a general rule of thumb, people don't change until the process of changing becomes less painful than sticking with the status quo. And since incumbent centralized networks like Facebook and Twitter already have everyone on them, they have a level of stickiness that's hard to beat.

How to decentralize the internet infrastructure?

So that decentralized internet has potential and might see the light sooner now that we see the need for it. But where I still struggle is the access to all infrastructure. Because in my simple mind if I shut down your provider I remove your access, and if I shut down all providers in a region....I take away your access to your BTC wealth until you are able to connect. Starlink is a great idea, but Starlink is not decentralized just like Meta´s drones and Google X high-altitude balloons, all spreading internet access..... but all still controlled by huge corporations. 

I am probably missing something in my research, but for now, it seems to me that the issue might not sit in the decentralization of the web. As it looks right now the issue sits with the control of the access providing part of the whole story.

Source on Decentralized Internet:


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