XAUUSD (GOLD) Technical Analysis

By goldenforex | Crypto trading signals | 29 Aug 2019

The medium-term forecasts:

1478.20 is an important support, as long as this level is not broken, the wave will be medium term with an uptrend.
If the middle term 1478.20 is broken, we will close our open trades.
Technical analysis:

A valley is formed on the daily chart with 1400.25 the price dated 08/01/2019. We can therefore wait for a rise in earnings with resistance (s) 1535.00, 1565.00, 1600.25 and an even higher rise.
The price is higher than WEMA21, if it continues to go down, this line can act as a resistance force against even higher losses.
The relative strength index (RSI) is 67.

take profits:


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