A low risk investment for crypto beginners

A low risk investment for crypto beginners

By Kazna | Cryptos for beginners | 2 Feb 2021

   In the first place, since you’re a beginner, you have to know 2 things: first one is that, as much as the stock market, crypto market can go from 0-100 same way that it can go 100-0, because that’s the game offer-demand. In the second: farming yield is roughly like an investment fund, the extremely short way to explain it is: a third party borrows your money to invest with a contract between both of you that specifies how much time, what for, and how big your commission earn will be for that loan.

   Now, let’s go to the important matter:

   1INCH has been in the market one month already and it’s proving to be very stable in its price and showing what it seems to be a safe active to hold, even reaching a higher price than other coins in the market by growing a 100% of its initial price in just 1one and a half month.

   The option to farm 1INCH with USDT, a stable USD attached coin, and ETH, which is growing almost side to side with BTC, seems to be a safe investment in the long term.

   We all know that, in the crypto market such as the traditional economy, big earnings take time to appear, so don’t expect to win 200% in two months, you have to be patient and think calmly about your strategy.

   Long term investment of 1INCH-ETH-USDT offers 87.85% annual earnings according to harvest.finance at the date (02-02-2021), and to long term we have no reason to think about a crash neither in ETH or USDT. Plus: both are easy to buy and have a really liquid market in case something goes wrong, so you can sell your coins instantly if you panic.


   As an amateur trader, and to beginners in crypto, I would recommend you to invest in 1INCH pool with ETH-USDT in a long term, let’s say, twelve to eighteen months as an apparently safe investment and the APY (Annual Percentage Yield) which is pretty high considering how safe these 3 tokens have proved to be.

   At the end of the farming period, you would earn a low percentage on ETH-USDT, the big earning you get is in 1INCH and you would be also earning some FARM tokens from the site.



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Cryptos for beginners
Cryptos for beginners

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