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WorldChain for WorldCoin and other news

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 18 Apr 2024

  WorldChain for WorldCoin

   Sam Altman is creating a new Ethereum L2 blockchain for his cryptocurrency project Worldcoin.

     The new blockchain, WorldChain, will be permissionless, open source, and governed by the community. Promoted as A blockchain for humans, WorldChain will be launched this year, most likely in August. About WorldChain

Affectless Effect

 Ethereum value dropped after announcement of Worldcoin's blockchain WorldChain on Ethereum. It seems that Worldcoin has not received importance in the market.

  Analysts do not have much confidence that Worldchain will be open source, Some analysts believe that Sam Altman might turn WorldChain into a closed-source project. just like his AI project, Open AI.





 New Device for Economic Freedom?

Pavel Durov of Telegram has predicted what everyone predicted. 

Government tracking will result in the creation of crypto wallet style secure communication devices. I believe that need is mother of invention, and political greed against people's economic freedom. 


 Binance and FDUSD face saving promotion

     There has been a lot of speculation following the wrong circulation of FDUSD in Binance's OMNI launchpool, which is not in the interest of both Binance and FDUSD. Now Binance has come to the rescue. Now he is trying to promote FDUSD with zero trading fees.


 Kraken introduces Kwallet

    I didn't test it (not downloading for now). Binance has Trust Wallet, and Coinbase has Coinbase Wallet. Now that KWallet by Kraken means users are moving to wallets, and exchanges too are moving to wallets, people will have KYC-free economic freedom. 


 KuCoin's KuCard campaign

  KuCard is Kucoin's recently issued crypto debit card. KuCoin, has stared promotion campaign for KuCard.

   There is a 1% cashback on trading USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH, XRP, and KCS using KuCard. There are many other reward schemes in this campaign, which will run from April 17th to May 17th.

Full Details by Kucoin

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