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Venezuela shuts down the mining industry

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 19 May 2024

Venezuela shuts down the mining industry

     The Venezuelan government has suspended connections between Bitcoin-Mining-Firms and the national Power-System. The reason for this is that Venezuela is experiencing power shortages. In addition, media reports suggest that the state-owned oil company PDVSA is facing a fraud investigation, which is why this step seemed necessary.




Crackdown on mining industry begins, hundreds of mining device are seized in Venezuela. 




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Preparing for Bitcoin Pizza Day

     The month of May is underway, and the 22nd is Bitcoin Pizza Day; preparations for this have already begun. Many platforms host competitions. Are you too planning to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day?




Kraken will not delist USDT

     There was a supposed development for Kraken, that it might end the support of USDT in the EU-Market, as per MiCA-Regulation. However, the rules have not yet been finalized as per Kraken official Mark Greenberg, so there is no need for Kraken to delist the Stablecoin, and Kraken will continue to support USDT in the EU-Market. 




A smart trader become Whale

  According to Lookonchain, Sundayfunday.sol traded 421 $SOL for 1.43B $BOME Token in Pre-sale, then he traded 530B $BOME for 38,305 $SOL; he became a SOL-Whale and the largest individual holder of $BOME. Whale Sundayfunday.sol then traded 13 SOL for 242M $IDOL, which bullied more than 990 times.




EigenLayer having Ethereum Maxis

    Justin Ðrake, an Ethereum researcher, has recently joined the EigenLayer's advisory board. According to Drake, there are other Ethereum Foundation staff members, who have formal relationships with EigenLayer businesses and get millions of dollars in tokens. 


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