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SBF files notice to appeal and other news

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 12 Apr 2024

  SBF files notice to appeal

     Sam Bankman-Fried's time to file for appeal against his conviction and sentence expired yesterday. 

Wait, don't think SBF missed it; he hasn't let it go. According to sources, SBF filed a notice to appeal just hours before the time expired.  

Now it will be fun because SBF has been sentenced based on the testimony of his accomplices (such as Caroline), who played in the same conspiracies, but prosecutors are doing simply nothing against them. 




  Paraguay lifts Bitcoin Mining Ban

     The Paraguayan Parliament has lifted the restriction on cryptocurrency mining. The world's second-largest hydroelectric power facility is in Paraguay.

The goverpnment of Paraguay exports the surplus electricity to Brazil and Argentina. The governments of Brazil and Argentina profit by selling energy imported from Paraguay to Bitcoin miners. So it is expected that surplus generated power in Paraguay will now be sold to Paraguayan Bitcoin miners.


  "Hampton by Hilton" Token Loan for El Salvador Hotel

     A hotel complex is being built at El Salvador International Airport by major US hotel chain Hampton by Hilton.   The hotel chain will issue a token loan for hotel construction.

  • Token ticker: HILSV
  • Platform: Bitfinex Securities
  • Network: Liquid Network Bitcoin Sidechain
  • Token Trade: USD, USDT


  Coinbase and Apple Pay partnership for the UK

     Coinbase has partnered with Apple Pay for crypto access in the UK. Only time will tell whether this decision is a good one or not, but I believe it is not a very good one.

There are significant limits on crypto and passive income in the UK; moreover, Apple is an expensive product that charges exorbitant fees. Coinbase is attempting to profit from the rich, but why would the rich buy cryptocurrency this way?



Create another DEX

  After SEC send Wells Notice to Uniswap (a notice about charges), people are thinking about solutions against SEC, because Uniswap is DeFi. A solution against SEC is that, Decentralised finance experts should create another decentralised exchange. SEC will keep suieng nothing.


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