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Runes Bitcoin protocol and other News

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 22 Apr 2024


 All About Runes Protocol

Runes is a protocol for minting digital tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain. 

Runes is launched by Casey Rodarmor, the man who developed Ordinals in 2023 to mint NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain, just like NFTs are minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Runes protocol will mint tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain, just like ERC tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Runes is also presenting a competition for BRC tokens.

However, Runes is more concerned with security than transaction speed and fees.

  Email between Sirius and Satoshi

    Sirius has disclosed his emails with Satoshi (starts from Sat, 02 May 2009 18:06:58).

   Nope, not Sirius Black from Harry Potter, but Martti Malmi, the person who exchanged emails with Bitcoin founder Lord Satoshi Nakamoto. But who knows? That could be Sirius Black.

   This seems a step forward to know who Satoshi is. According to Malmi, previously he felt incomfortable while sharing such details, but now he decided to do so.

Full Report by Sirius


 MEXC distance itself from ZKasino

     ZKasino is now indicating that it is a scam, one of its investors, MEXC, has also declared itself a victim to avoid controversy. Other investors Big Brain Holdings, Trading_axe, Pentoshi and Sisyphus are silent for now.



  Short version for JAM Graypaper

     Join-Accumulate Machine or JAM is Polkadot 2.0 A short version of Graypaper for Polkadot's JAM chain is available for those who were unable to understand the GrayPaper by Dr. Gavin Wood. Read Here



  MtGox plan to pay Creditors

     It is noted that MtGox has updated its creditors for token withdrawal. This distribution includes 142k BTC, 143k BCH, and 69 billion Japanese Yen. Withdrawal is anticipated by October 31, 2024.

I am not sure if this is real because the withdrawal date is 6 months away, and MtGox or politicians both are able to amend the situation or rule to play spoilspot.


  Meme by

   This meme actually makes fun of crypto traders. However this is not a way to present crypto traders as if they were on the toilet seat. Gamers and office people who work from home do the same.



DEGEN Listing Campaign

  Kucoin has listed $DEGEN, and announced a prize pool campaign of $1k in $DEGEN token for 100 winners.

$DEGEN is build on BASE. The campaign will end on Apr 23, at 13:00 (UTC). DEGEN campaign





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