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PrismaFi hacker is BlackHat

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 17 Apr 2024

 Prisma Finance hacker is Black Hat

     On March 28, 2024, Prisma Finance faced an attack that resulted in a loss of 3257 ETH.

The attacker later contacted the PrismaFi team while claiming to be a WhiteHat. He was perhaps hoping that this would stop the investigation against him because, during talks, the stolen assets were transferred to Tornado Cash.

The attacker then demanded a 34% bounty. KYC of the PrismaFi team, apology to the hacker. Clearly, the hacker wasn't a WhiteHat but a claver BlackHat.

An investigation by ZachXBT has found that the Prisma Finance hacker is behind multiple other exploits as well. 



Justin Sun is richest on Arkham

     Arkham's team created a dashboard of 10 of the richest individuals with crypto holdings tagged on Arkham. Not much surprisingly, Justin Sun of TORN is the richest individual. But surprisingly, with $1.1B, Sun is the sole billionaire on Arkham.

BlackRock investors unhappy with Larry Fink

   BlackRock investors are unhappy with company CEO Larry Fink because the company is losing billions of dollars in contracts. Some people blame it on the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) agenda.

Polkadot Decoded 2024 is gearing up

    The two days flagship Polkadot event Polkadot Decoded is taking place in Brussels on July 11 & 12, 2024. Polkadot has invited those, who want to showcase their project to the entire Polkadot ecosystem.

Applications will be closed on April 25th.Ticket are available The event will be live-streamed, virtual entry is free.

Visit Polkadot to know more

a16z raised $7.2B

     Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) has raised $7.2 billion in new funding, Although a16z is focusing on crypto and biotechnology, Bloomberg report claims, its new fund will be allocated to different business units.



     Justin Sun has partnered with Hans Zimmer to create the TRONAnthem.  With this, Tron blockchain has got fodder o Music.

Mr 100 Continues to grow

   Mr. 100, the mysterious Bitcoin collector, continues to add to his collection. No analyst knows who Mr. 100 is or from where he got funds to buy BTC, while his collection remains in HODL mode.

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