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Peter Mintzberg is new CEO of Grayscale

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 20 May 2024

Peter Mintzberg is new CEO of Grayscale

   Peter Mintzberg is new CEO of Grayscale. Yeah, Grayscale, well known for its Reserve-Way-Spot-Bitcoin-ETF. Michael Sonnenshein, the current CEO of Grayscale, is under pressure, because of his unsure results. Peter Mintzberg is executive of Goldman Sachs. He is also known for being soft towards crypto in business.




Nate Geraci's advice to SEC on ETF

     Nate Geraci, an ETF businessman, believes that the SEC must approve both 19b-4s (exchange rule changes) and S-1s (registration statements) before ETFs are permitted to be launched. 




 Bear and Bull game in the market

     The bears have become dominant on crypto market Bitcoin - Ether are not doing any better, out of the top 25 coins only NEAR and SOL are riding the bulls, but their bulls are only running a slow race, yet its going steady for the moment.  




Crypto Industry in Iran

  Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi encouraged the crypto-industry in Iran to avoid the impact of US-sanctions. Iran handles 4.5 % of the world's hashrate. It is unclear how the new president will regard the crypto industry, but it has the potential to save Iran by providing its financial independence, even in the midst of upheaval.




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