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OMNI : Binance's 52nd Launchpool project and other news

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 13 Apr 2024


Binance's 52nd Launchpool project : OMNI

 Binance announced its 52nd Launchpool project Omni (OMNI). Omni is mentioned as

a layer 1 blockchain designed to integrate Ethereum’s rollup ecosystem into a single, unified system.

   Farming OMNI (via FDUSD and BNB) is available for 4 days -13th to 17th April. OMNI will be available for trading on 17th April at 12:00 (UTC).


ETF in Hong Kong

     According to Bloomberg, Hong Kong is going to approve the Bitcoin and Ethereum Spot ETF on Monday, April 15th. I think Hong Kong wants to early adopt the business because it is seeing results in the US for Bitcoin and doesn't want to delay on Ethereum. 


KuCoin India website problem

     KuCoin has lured Indian users with a $250k airdrop. But there is another problem now. According to KuCoin, its website is open again for Indian users; however, some users are still complaining that the website is not opening. 


KuCoin Listening Campaign for Foxy

    Kucoin has listed Foxy (FOXY), and announced a prize pool campaign of $28k in $FOXY token. Foxy is mascot of Liena, and being promoted as firstever culturecoin. The timing of campaign is between April 12th and 19th (8:00 UTC).


dYdX Doubtful wallet access

   The dYdX Foundation has partnered with Privy dot io to allow users to set up on dYdX Chain wallet with their email or social media login without seedphrase. This is a step accessing to wallet without keys, so I doubt it seriously. 


Coinbase to file an interlocutory appeal against the SEC

The coinbase CLO Paul Grewal has announced that Coinbase will file an interlocutory appeal in the SEC lawsuit regarding the US SEC's authority over digital asset transactions. This implies that the SEC's case will be suspended until the Second Circuit Court makes a ruling.

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