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Ethereum co-founder invests 10 thousand ETH in Kraken

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 23 May 2024


Jeffrey Wilcke has placed another 10k ETH into Kraken

     Jeffrey Wilcke is more than just an ETH whale; he is a co-founder of Ethereum. Kraken is the second largest exchange in the United States, which is able to win the trust of developers. 

     Jeffrey currently has 125,738 $ETH and has made a total deposit of 46.3K $ETH with Kraken. The fact that a co-founder prefers CEX to personally stake the PoS Ethereum shows that there is more to understand. 





Dora Factory second round funding

     The multi-chain DAO infrastructure Dora Factory announced a second strategic funding round for Dora Factory’s decentralized governance. 15 venture firms are participating this time, which includes Marc McCabe's Nomad Capital, Gin Chao's No Limit Holdings, Ron Cao's Sky9 Capital, etc.



ZACK Token Bulls Surprise

     Zack Morris is known name, but the surprising ascent of Zack Morris Memecoin (ZACK) has made me ponder if people are truly interested in investing in a person's name-based token? The true winner could be no one else, except the individual who has the majority of the tokens. According to Lookonchain data, developer wallets hold 41.3% of the entire supply. Lookonchain has urged investors to be wary of any developer wallet sell-offs (dump). 



Grayscale opens trust for STX and NEAR

     Grayscale today announced two new investment trusts to invest in the Stacks and Near protocol. These are early stages, with Grayscale saying the ultimate goal is to uplist to an ETF. This announcement might give a fodder to STX and NEAR, but DYOR before investing, I am not advising.




Deposit & Trade Campaign:      HTX has announced a Deposit & a Trade Campaign of NYAN token, with prize pool of 10k USDT and 20k USDT respectively.

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