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Crypto Today issue105 : Bitcoin Mining companies are hit today

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 11 Jun 2024


Bitcoin Mining companies are hit today

      The ups and downs in the bitcoin market have an impact not only on the price of BTC, but also on the entire bitcoinverse, including bitcoin miners. Many are in horrible shape, and the stock prices of major mining companies such as Hive Digital, Hut 8, Cleanspark, RIOT, and Marathon have dropped. Shares of bitcoin-loving companies such as MicroStrategy have also dropped. Iris Energy's shares are currently rising as exception, which is considered a result of the high-quality AI computing used by the company.

(Wubits ,/ Grill)


     The U.S. spot Bitcoin ETFs saw net outflows of $64.93 million on June 9, which ended the longest ever inflow streak of 19-day. (Wubits / Grill).    

     The US Spot Ethereum ETF issuers are waiting for comments from the SEC on their draft S-1 filings, which were expected to be delivered by June 7. (Wubits / Grill).  



     OP Labs has implemented fault-proofs on OP Mainnet to further advance decentralization, eliminating the need of third parties. (Wubits / Grill)

      Vitalik Buterin welcomes OP labs' in the club of stage 1+ L2s. Buterin is however more interestted in ZKs. (Wubits / Grill)

      Solana, in its ongoing action against sandwich attacks, has booted 32 private mempool operators from the Solana validator ecosystem . (Wubits / Grill)

 Polygon Community Treasury Launches 10-years Long-Term Plan to Reward Developers, 35 million MATIC will be distributed in current Season1 (Wubits / Grill)



     Decentralized liquid restacking project "Mellow" has been launched, it could compete with Eigenlayer in the liquid restacking field. (Wubits / Grill)

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