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Crypto Today 106 : OKX swings into action for protection against Hack

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 13 Jun 2024


OKX swings into action for protection

     After the identity theft hack, OKX has taken action for protection. OKX has taken responsibility for the identity theft hack and covered the losses, but it has found no insider involvement. To avoid more such incidents, OKX has released its latest iOS 6.71.1 version for better protection. The exchange has removed the SMS verification code for withdrawals and implemented double verification via email and an authenticator. (Wubits / Grill).




   Donald Trump lures US Bitcoin miners by assuring them of support from White House. CleanSpark co-founder praises Trump. (Wubits / Grill)  

  Political Finance (PolitiFi) rising in its own space of the cryptoverse, competing with each other for investors. HUNTERBODEN token recently caused a stir in the market (Wubits / Grill)    



   Newly developed Moonbag memecoin is luring investors from well-known projects like Immutable X and Internet Computer. Rumors of getting listed at Coinbase.  (WubitsGrill)    



   The U.S. spot Bitcoin ETFs saw net outflows of $200 million on June 11, which is seen as an effect of the upcoming FOMC meeting. (Wubits / Grill)



   Telegram-based tap-to-earn web3 game Pixelverse raises $5.5 million, Over 15 million users have already joined Pixelverse. (Wubits / Grill).




     Uniswap Labs has appointed former Coinbase legal executive Katherine Minarik as its new CLO (Chief Legal Officer), to deal with SEC threat. (Wubits / Grill).

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