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Crypto Market in Bulls and Bears

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 18 May 2024

 Crypto Market in Bulls and Bears

     The prices of Bitcoin and Solana are both soaring. BTC exceeded $67,000, while Solana surpassed $170. Ethereum has also increased, returning to $3.1k. This appears to be resolving the market issue, but in the meantime, some tokens, such as BNB, and several memecoins, such as WIF and PEPE, were injured by the bears.






$28k SQD Listing Campaign

    Kucoin has listed Subsquid (SQD), and announced a prize pool campaign of $28k in $SQD token. Subsquid is Zero Knowledge secured data access layer for fast Web3. The timing of campaign is between April 17th and 24th (8:00 UTC). 




A Trader recently traded a risky trade but made more than 900k profit

    Lookonchain data reveals that a trader traded thousands of $SOL in 20 memecoins, lost money in 16 of them, but made good profit in 4, especially on $MICHI, $BODEN, and $POPCAT. The highest gain of trader was on $MICHI (7101 $SOL), but in net profit (after deducting losses), his profit was 5394.5 $SOL.


KuCoin India offers 100% Tax subsidiary for margin Trade

    KuCoin India is giving 100% Tax Subsidiary, which means that the Exchange will cover the taxes for Indian margin traders. KuCoin has devised an excellent method for margin traders in India, because people are avoiding the market due to the tax burden, 100% tax subsidiary his will undoubtedly attract Margin Traders to KuCoin.




Canaan to launch Avalon A1566 mining machine

     As per the announcement at Bitcoin Asia, Bitcoin mining machine manufacturer Canaan Technology is set to launch the Avalon A1566 mining machine, a further advanced machine in the Avalon A series, to capitalise on the demand from mining companies following the Halving.



CEX and Business

Kraken to stop USDt

     Kraken may end support of USDT to grow in the EU market under MiCA regulation. Kraken is the second-largest US exchange, it is obvious that Kraken wishes a lead in EU market. There is currently no information on what Kraken will do with Tether’s euro stablecoin EURt.




Ethereum Culture of Freedom

     Vitalik Buterin has boasted about ethereum's culture of Freedom of expression. I was wondering, if Ethereum' is some social connection system? But many users hide from the mainstream restriction by the Ethereum Foundation and Core Developers at Web3. 

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