Bitcoin Bulls Race and other news

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 29 Feb 2024

Bitcoin Bull Race


The roars of Bitcoin bulls are causing great panic among the bears.

     Yesterday, the price of BTC fluctuated dramatically from a $56k level to a $63k level. But yesterday was probably the last time BTC was below $60,000. There is celebration among Bitcoin holders, and those who sold their BTC are left with regrets. Now that the claim has become even stronger, BTC could reach $100k after the halving.


El Salvador Gains

     El Salvador President Nayib Bukele has taunted those who lied about El Salvador's economy during the Bitcoin winter, pointing out that the value of El Salvador's BTC treasury is at a 40% gain. But Bukele, while accepting only 1 BTC = 1 BTC, has clearly said that he will not sell Bitcoin.

Schiff isn't smart

     Gold trader Peter Schiff is a known anti-Bitcoinist; he has advised El Salvador President Nayib Bukele to calculate the profit by selling BTC due to the rising value of BTC. On this, Nayib Bukele quipped him to cry harder. Now the crypto world is laughing at Schiff.


Other News 



Cramer Alert : No ETH ETF

 Jim Cramer has predicted that Ethereum ETFs are blooming soon, and this means the opposite will happen: there will be no Ethereum ETFs soon. ETH ETF supporters are abusing Jim Cramer now.    



The Coinbit exchange is a scam

Paid Listing: Listing any crypto requires significant credibility of the developers and their projects. However, Coinsbit exchange is listing tokens for a fee.  Complaints: There are multiple complaints against Coinbit, some are:

  • Aakash Network (AKT) founder Greg Osuri has asserted that Coinsbit is offering to list AKT and asking for fees, which Osuri has rejected. 
  • Llamas Finance, a gaming platform, has reported that Coinsbit did not list Llamas' token, LMF, even after taking the fee. 
  • Scam tracker ZachXBT also shared reports that Coinsbit users are unable to withdraw their money.


Scam King SBF

Requests lenient sentence 

     SBF is waiting for the decision on his sentence. He is guilty in seven cases, which may lead him to over 100 years in prison. SBF's lawyers are trying to reduce the sentence to a maximum of 78 months


Scam King SBF & Solana (SOL) 

SBF is Promoting $SOL from Jail

     According to various sources, the SBF is advising prison guards to invest in $SOL. The source of these sources is the New York Times, but I did not find this story in the NYT news. However, if this news is true, prisoner Sam is less likely to try to annoy the prison guards with any false financial advice.  

SOL Bull Rise

     It could be a good time for $SOL, and also for SBF. The winter of Solana (SOL) began with the collapse of SBF's Alameda Research, and he knows much better. This time his consultancy might be in demand for prison officials, guards, and inmates.


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