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Bitcoin bull rise and other news

By Yugocean | Crypto Today | 27 Feb 2024



Bull Rise

     Bitcoin Bulls are running a fast rase with less than 48 hours when BTC value was dropped below $51k and struggled back to $51k. Buyers got a "buy the dip" profit after the bull rise, now BTC is racing towards 60k.


    MicroStrategy Bitcoin Treasury :  Michael Saylor's MSTR has acquired 3k bitcoins for $155 million at an average price of 51813 per BTC. MSTR currently HODLs 193k Bitcoins, which it purchased for $5.93 billion at an average price of $31544 per BTC.

    Bitcoin Spot ETF :  Grayscale lightened GBTC by 1090 Bitcoin, while the other 8 ETF firms added 5369 Bitcoin to their coffers, with BlackRock's iShares alone adding $3281 BTC.

    Cynthia Lummis Positive towards BTC Mining:  US Senator Cynthia Lummis is positive on Bitcoin mining and consider it good for United States' energy sector. Lummis is giving welcome approach to BTC miners in Wyoming state.


Other News

  DeChat Refunds Investors : DeChat Protocol announced its official launch but provided the wrong contract address, which it edited in a few minutes, but that was enough for early-bird investors to lose their investment. However, the protocol refunded investors, maintaining its legitimacy.


   Yuga Labs launching Magic Eden in support of Creator royalties: Yuga Labs has announced the launch of the Magic Eden Ethereum marketplace, a first marketplace that partners with creators. Yuga Labs has also announced to stop working with marketplaces whose protocol does not support creator royalties.

    Blast mainnet is set to launch on 29th Feb.: The mainnet of Layer 2 network Blast will be officially launched on February 29th. Blast is launched by the founders of NFT marketplace Blur. The results of BLAST's Big Bang competition have also been announced in which 47 winning projects have been selected out of over 3000 participant teams.

NEW LIsting :

    Coinbase listing AKT : Coinbase has announced the listing of Akash Network (AKT). Akash Network is a decentralized cloud computing platform released by Overclock Labs on the Cosmos blockchain. AKT bulls have taken a jump after Coinbase's announcement.  

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