Changing Civilization: Teaching Crypto To Junior High School's Students
My writing about crypto's explanation to my students

Changing Civilization: Teaching Crypto To Junior High School's Students

By CryptoToFreedom | Crypto To freedom | 19 Sep 2021

what is the best way to change a civilization?

change youth generation!

Then... you can have a chance to change civilization.

We all know how hard it is to change old people. Their knowledge, status, experience, prevent them to change. they are all have one common: fix mind set.

so, when we try to change economy habbit, from using fiat money into crypto, one of the best methode is teaching crypto to youth. Because they are progressive, easy to change and eager to accept new thought.

This is what I do as a teacher in junior high school in Indonesia.  I want them to understand, that the world has changed. Blockchain technology and Crypto Era are coming, the economy are about follow new path, and they must aware of it!

3 days ago, I teach my students the story of money. I told them about how money divided into 3 Era:

  • gold & Silver
  • Fiat Money (divide into two: before 1971 when Fiat Money is backed with gold, and after 1971 when Floating Exchange Rate System introduced by Richard Nixon, US President. No need gold to back up Dollars anymore)
  • Cryptocurrency with Blockchain Technology.

After the explanation, some of them look curious. They gathered around me and ask questions about Crypto. Seeing my students show interest, I feel my job as teacher is worthwhile.


Learn it, kiddo! 



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