Reasons why investors/Crypto Enthusiasts are hodling/buying the NewsCrypto token (Nwc)

Reasons why investors/Crypto Enthusiasts are hodling/buying the NewsCrypto token (Nwc)

By Barineka | crypto titan | 31 May 2020

Why Newscrypto?:

In contrast to other crypto information providing platforms, Newscrypto provides tried and tested products with a much more advanced system at a cheaper price with given free access to essential tools and educational program with a 24/7 operating system news crypto is the first source of news concerning market movements smart market analysis tool and the go-to-place for many successful Traders main why Nwc is listed on various credible and top cryptocurrency exchanges given its holders and use as a fair return, security as well as confidence.
 The platform provides data on buy and sells orders, best exchange rates, also gives detailed information about smart Money movement, displays fundamental and technical analysis, and deep market insights on price movement. The platform works for you saving time and energy in every aspect of the crypto World by having crucial insights in the palm of your hand. Visit the platform

Aside from token Burning, the accumulated assets from memberships for individuals are utilized to connect new clients, dynamic individuals and furthermore grow new solutions that will achieve the result of the shared advantage for each client included, Users will have to pay a week by week or month to month or yearly membership fee so as to get to the intermediates and the advanced tiers of tools information on the Newscrypto platform.


1*dM-wmKofhjZeX5R9okOsXA.png The heartbeat of the Newscrypto Platform

Then again, everybody behind the Newscrypto Platform, in particular, the Team, get financial compensation which will be paid altogether in Newscrypto token this implies it is in the team’s wellbeing to give the quality client encounter, and expand the value of the Newscrypto (Nwc) token at a similar pay is interlinked to the achievement of the platform. The accomplishment of the Newscrypto platform is evaluated by the individuals from the network as a positive increase in the price of the Newscrypto Token.


Built on the Stellar Blockchain


The Newscrypto coin is a Stellar lumen compliant token. Stellar is a decentralized payment network that permits a cross-asset value transfer by utilizing an appropriated Ledger on the Blockchain. it is fundamentally a platform that interfaces banks, installments, frameworks, and individuals.

With its core, you can move cash rapidly dependably and at practically minimal effort, the Stellar blockchain has gone above and beyond to guarantee security execution on different limitations and encryptions.

They are numerous advantages of Stellar particularly the build-in decentralized exchange which plays a significant role. The normal settlement time for Stellar transaction is 5 seconds which gives Stellar an enormous preferred position over other options is the transaction fee on the Stellar blockchain is impressively little. An estimate denotes that for the fee to Total 1Xlm, it would need to contain 100,000 transactions. Moreover, it is likewise quick as it can process 3000+ transactions.


Token Burning:

1*UoCvTfox6Y4OS_uZZND7Pw.jpeg Newscrypto token burning

Newscrypto offers a limited supply of tokens. The core of the token advancement system is token burning. This implies Newscrypto will naturally consume or for all time evacuate 20% of NWC of tokens got from membership fees, this procedure of Token burning will decrease the total supply in Newscrypto tokens which will bring about the organic growth of the Token value and in returns useful to the financial investor and Newscrypto holders.

At the point when the objective of 1million individuals is reached, Newscrypto will burn all tokens of any. The total supply of tokens is 280,000,000 and the evaluated circulating supply In 5 years is 90,000,000. With the way toward burning NWc tokens, Newscrypto keeps the demand and price of the tokens as high as could be expected under the circumstances. Buy NWC TOKEN

Token advantages:

  • No external fundraising (no ICO, no IEO) so no pumps and dumps on exchanges
  • Proven utility on a working platform
  • Automatic burning system (20% of every membership is burned increasing our token price through deflation)
  • Listed on credible exchanges (kucoin, hitbtc..)
  • Fast and cheap transactions (our token is built on stellar which is a plus
  • Organic growth making is a perfect asset for investors

Platform advantages are:

  • Ready to use solutions with every crypto-related information in the market
  • Access to predefined chart layouts made by world best traders
  • Exclusive real-time market indicators in crypto.
  • A place when you can earn free tokens and interact with other global traders.
  • A much cheaper alternative than any other competitor.
  • Run by the best-structured ecosystem in crypto space.


Holder Rewards is celebrating the listing on 6th exchange and we decided to give something back to the community and NWC holders. We would like to thank everyone that supports our project with investing in the Newscrypto coin. This is why we feel obligated to give something back.
Holder event will last for 10 months, during this time you can earn rewards in exchange for holding an NWC token. Buy NWC TOKEN

Hold 5,000 NWC tokens = get 400 NWC tokens for FREE!

Hold 10,000 NWC tokens = get 1,000 NWC tokens for FREE!

Hold 20,000 NWC tokens = get 2,300 NWC tokens for FREE!

Hold 30,000 NWC tokens = get 3,500 NWC tokens for FREE!

Hold 50,000 NWC tokens = get 7,000 NWC tokens for FREE!

Hold 75,000 NWC tokens = get 11,000 NWC tokens for FREE!

Hold 100,000 NWC tokens = get 20,000 NWC tokens for FREE!

Hold 200,000 NWC tokens = get 50,000 NWC tokens for FREE!

All you have to do is buy the number of tokens you want to hold (minimum 5000 NWC) and hold them for 3 months. Once you buy the tokens apply through telegram bot here and you are officially joined in the HOLDER event. You cannot join the event if you bought tokens before the event started. The Holders event starts on March 8th, 2020 and it lasts 10 months. Buy NWC TOKEN



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