Creepts Gaming Contest: Enter a $5,000 CTSI Token Giveaway

Creepts Gaming Contest: Enter a $5,000 CTSI Token Giveaway

By Barineka | crypto titan | 2 Jun 2020

To celebrate the listing of Cartesi's on WazirX, they are launching a gaming challenge with over $5,000 in CTSI tokens as rewards. Play Cartesi's Creepts on any mobile phone or web browser! Just enter the official competition and take a chance at accomplishing the highest score you can. You'll be vying for the top-score with every single active member!. Time to show your gaming skills and be rewarded.




What is Creepts?:

Creepts is Cartesi’s first use-case and technical demonstration,
First Fully Decentralized Tower Defense DApp.
A fully decentralized tournament without the need to develop smart
contracts. All while using software stacks that compile for Linux.


  • Locate your WazirX Referral ID   >>>>
  • Go to 
  • Play Creepts and accomplish the Highest Score you can!
  • Once the game closures, enter your WazirX Referral ID in the pop-up.
  • Play again for a higher score! Go to 


Competition Period:
>1st - 4th
JUNE 2020
11:30 AM UTC

Reward Structure


About Cartesi:
Cartesi provides a Linux runtime ecosystem for
scalable blockchain Decentralized applications. Complex and intensive
computations to run off-chain, while retaining the
security guarantees of the blockchain.

Website| Twitter|Telegram |Discord |GitHub


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