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Part 1


There are different ways to create a small crypto wallet without having to shell out any money on your part. This is not a dream or a scam it is real. You will not become a millionaire but it could earn you a few hundred euros a year and who knows maybe that by "holding" on the long term these hundreds of euros will turn into thousands of euros.

The easiest way to earn some crypto is still surfing the internet. Whether on your smartphone or your computer each time you use your traditional browser (Google Chrome / Safari / Firefox /…) you are missing out on micro revenues linked to advertising while being invaded by it. Why not change the situation by reducing the number of ads while browsing and letting some pass to earn income? Although there are alternatives (many are "SCAMS") offering you crypto by adding an ADD-ON to your usual browser. None are as efficient as this BRAVE browser created by Brendan Eich, co-founder ofMozilla Firefox and creator ofJavaScript.

Brave BAT logo

First thing to do change your web browser and download BRAVE

Rest assured it will not change your habits, there is nothing complicated even for a beginner (especially if you already use Google Chrome).

In 6 points I will explain to you why I use the BRAVE browser:

1 / Faster, more secure and therefore more private browsing.

2 / Much less ads on the web thanks to the anti-advertising built into the browser (no ads on Youtube for example).

3 / Directly support the creators of content that you appreciate thanks to a system of "BAT Rewards". BRAVE gives you BAT every time you surf the internet. You can spend these BATs by donating them to your favorite sites or you can exchange them for other currencies ($, €, BTC, ETH, and many others) ...

4 / It's a "Chromium"! All Google Chrome extensions work on Brave. Just download them from Google Store.

5 / Much less energy intensive than Firefox !!! It's better for the planet as well as for your machines.

6 / You have your own website, a blog, a Youtube channel or a Twitter, you really need BRAVE you can collect donations.

There are 3 types of income with this browser.

“Advertising rewards” (don't worry you won't be overwhelmed by ads instead). On average you can recover from 4 to 10 € / month or even a little less if you do not use your browser much.

“Donations” if you are content creators (this depends on your success on the web)

"Affiliation" once your account is created and verified, you will have your affiliate link which will allow you to earn a commission (approximately $ 7 in BAT) for each referral.


To recover this crypto you will need to make some settings after  downloading BRAVE

1 / Follow Brave's instructions during installation and first use (it will also offer to import your favorites from your old browser)

2 / Go to Brave settings and adjust as below.



You are now ready to receive BATs in the coming days !


Follow me. I will soon be posting the second part of this article on how to "INVEST IN CRYPTO WITHOUT MONEY" because there are still many ways to get free crypto.


If you have any questions, please  post a comment.

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Crypto tips & trics
Crypto tips & trics

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