The only cryptomining with phone

By Kentcoin | Crypto tips and news | 4 May 2021

Eventually there is one coin that can be mined via mobile phone.  It doesn't steal anything, safe and does not slow your phone. Stanford University is behind this project and the white list is promising. Applications are already made to enter the exchanges. Wallet and the web browser is ready. So I'm trying to give more of an executive summary here rather then giving a detailed info. So all you need to do is download the app and just run it. Totally FREE. As you remember BTC and ETH was also started like this way , initially fraction of a cent then 5 digit $$$$$. Then ppl start searching their old computers from trash to retrieve the old coins. It all great but you need a invitation code or link to be able to mine this FREE coin on your phone. I will share mine feel free to use to get started. Good luck and enjoy the FREE coins from your phone.

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Crypto tips and news
Crypto tips and news

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