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Stuck at home? Here's how to earn some money with that free time.

By lucasc | Crypto Thoughts | 22 Mar 2020

With the Coronavirus pandemic in full swing and much of the world closed down for the coming weeks, there are a lot of people sitting at home, bored. The best way to prevent spread of the virus is to keep yourself occupied away from people, but you can't just sit on your hands for a month!

Many of us have bills to pay, and even if you don't, you'd still like to have spending money. Starting a Netflix subscription only costs like $8 a month - I know for sure we can earn that with a few minutes a day doing some tasks online! So, let's get started.

Disclaimer: Most links in this article will have my referral ID attached, so I can earn a bit of money when you sign up. :)


Sifting Through the Scams

The first thing you need to recognize about earning money online is, there are a lot of scams and tricks you need to look out for. Some companies, like Publishers Clearing house, send you on a wild goose chase through numerous surveys and ads which collect mountains of your information to sell to advertisers. By the time you've "saved" a dollar from a coupon or earned a few bucks from one of these services, you will have earned them thousands.

Other companies will offer you a survey platform and make deals with the survey providers where they are earning upwards of $5 per person per survey, then pass on only a small amount - say, 50 cents, to you. Any amount of money is nice, but we want to find the highest paying sites possible, don't we?

Finally, when you're especially desperate, you might run into serious scams. People will message you on Twitter or place ads claiming you can earn hundreds of dollars fast. These things are not real. If you make money online, someone else made money from the work you did. That is just the way of things, nobody is giving money for no reason at all. So, before you do something claiming to have a monetary reward, think to yourself. Am I doing something here that actually produces value for this person to pay me? If not, it may be a scam.

We just have to find these websites who have real money to back up their premise and a way to sustain the business, so they can pay us well and consistently. Multi-level marketing schemes and reckless ventures like this will never lead to long-term success for anyone but the scammer at the top of the food chain.

Different Ways to Earn

Everything you can imagine is on the internet. We have investment platforms, surveys, cash back from shopping, cryptocurrency, freelancing, casinos, and more. The majority of money displayed in bank accounts across the world is simply 1s and 0s on a computer system, and it's always flowing as more investments are made. Let's look at a few ways to earn.

Write Articles

We're on Publish0x, so this seems like a good place to start!

For a long time, newspapers and then news websites have dominated this space with paid employees and set schedules. Now, we have a new, modern way of sharing news and information where everyone can participate, and everyone can earn.

If you haven't signed up to Publish0x yet, you should create an account so you can start earning!

Filling Out Surveys

One very popular and easy way to earn money online is by filling out surveys. There are companies and research teams who need as much information as possible to create their marketing strategies, design new ads, and appeal to modern consumers. In decades past, finding thousands of individuals to fill out sheets of paper was a long and tedious process.

With the internet, marketing and surveys changed forever. There are websites which negotiate with research groups and individual surveyors to get the best rates, then pass on some profit to you in exchange for filling out the survey. Your best bet to finding the highest rates is to look around, ask friends, and try a few of the choices until you find one that suits you best.

Inbox Dollars

For more than ten years, Inbox Dollars has provided consumers access to paying surveys. I believe they started as an e-mail based system, which influenced their modern Paid E-Mails, which reward you for clicking and following the steps sent to you. 

Nowadays, Inbox Dollars has a HUGE variety of ways to earn extra money. You can visit their site and choose surveys to fill out. Use their paid search system to be paid for internet web searches. Their offers tab has a bunch of deals they came to in conjunction with other services like Hulu where you get paid to try out something new.

When you've earned $30, you can cash out to your PayPal account with a small fee, or get $40, and they waive the fee. This is the main downside of Inbox Dollars - you really have to earn some serious cash before they let you withdraw. However, with this site's long-standing reputation of paying out, you don't really need to worry about the time going to waste.

Sign Up for Inbox DollarsClick here to sign up for Inbox Dollars.

Earn Sats

Seeing as we're on a cryptocurrency-based site, how about we switch gears to something more appropriate? Earn Sats is an awesome new survey website where you can earn Bitcoin satoshi with multiple survey gateways. The website is very minimal and easy to access, and I've had great success earning money there.

The amazing part about Earn Sats is you withdraw through Bitcoin Lightning, so it's instant and fee-less, with no minimum threshold. You can withdraw your earnings for every individual survey as you earn it if you feel like it! Then, spend your Bitcoin at a ton of websites which accept lightning payments, or commit your crypto to the blockchain and spend it as real Bitcoin.

Join EarnSats Today

Click here to sign up for EarnSats.

Cryptocurrency Faucets

In the first few years of Bitcoin, people got free coins on websites called faucets. They began as simple sites, where you enter your address, click a button (or solve a CAPTCHA) and receive a random amount of cryptocurrency! You don't get much, but if you keep coming back, it will add up. Later, more fun and interesting faucets popped up. is an example of a faucet with unique properties.

They have a roll game where you can multiply your faucet earnings, lottery tickets, betting, and a referral system.

Nano Faucet is another simple source of free crypto. You receive the instant fee-less currency NANO for clicking a button!

Google "crypto faucets" for many more options.



A great way to save money and potentially profit from it is to invest. There are tons of ways to invest your money, from low risk bonds to volatile altcoin markets. Right now is a good time to buy in while prices are low, so you can gain a lot when the economy recovers. Plus your money being invested will help support these companies right now and keep things stable.

M1 Finance

M1 finance is my app of choice for a modern approach to traditional investing. It's very easy to use, and you can select exactly what you want to invest in. Construct a pie chart out of different ETFs, stocks, bonds, and it will automatically allocate your money as you add more. 

Join M1 Finance

Click here to get started with M1 finance.


Taking a different approach to saving and investing, Acorns allows you to "round up" every purchase you make with your bank account and automatically invest it each week. For example, if you spend $25.20 on gas and $5.70 at McDonalds, at the end of the week, Acorns will automatically invest $1.10 ($0.80 from the gas rounding up and $0.30 from McDonalds).

By investing in this way, you take on very little risk. You were already spending $30, so what's an extra dollar or two withdrawn to invest? In a couple of decades, that money will be a lot more than it is now. 

Join Acorns Today

Click here to sign up for Acorns.


Twitter Giveaways

For a few months, giveaways on Twitter have been exploding. New people are giving money and cryptocurrency with automated tipping bots and through randomly picked winners. Giving away a bit of Bitcoin is an easy way to grow your audience on a social media platform, and it benefits other people, too!

Like anywhere else, you're going to want to watch out for scams. If someone who just made their account this month is giving away more than a couple dollars, it's very unlikely to be real. Any strange pictures of paypal balance screens with absurd amounts of money are also fake. If someone needs you to send them money to give you money, that is obviously a scam.

So basically, retweet the less suspicious giveaways, from people with genuine fans. Try not to spread fake things to other people. Here are a few twitter people who give away money.


DNP3 is a Twitch streamer with a fairly large following who really likes to do giveaways. He partners up with individuals in the gaming community, companies like computer manufacturers, and other giveaway groups. 

Built By Gamers is an e-sports and entertainment organization which often teams up with gaming groups and players. They do giveaways sometimes, and they're usually pretty large.

Crypto Finally is a cryptocurrency personality and influencer who runs sponsored crypto giveaways and promotes different projects.



We have a lot of free time on our hands, all we can do is use common sense, and we get through this crisis. My solution is to start earning money now from a wide variety of avenues. It starts with one thing and you grow more and more with effort. If you look hard, you can get a LOT more out of the internet than the average person.

Good luck friends! I hope you're all safe and healthy.

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