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Open DAO: Open Community Program

By lucasc | Crypto Thoughts | 1 Feb 2021

A DAO without community is not a DAO, and here at OpenDAO we believe passion and action should be rewarded. Therefore, we are pleased to announce our updated “Open Community Program,” in place of the ambassadorship program, to reward and honor our community members for their continued efforts to share, promote, and enhance the OpenDAO community.

Want to participate? See the details below!


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At the end of each month, OpenDAO will reward its community members for the following activities:

Top Active Members: There are many kind guides and wise minds in our community. We’d like to honor the most active Telegram/Discord members.
~ REWARDS: 50 OPEN tokens each
(limit: 5 members)

OpenDAO Article: Publish and share an article about OpenDAO, its products, or partnerships, etc. on Medium, Publish 0x, or similar platform.
~ REWARDS: 25 OPEN tokens per article
(limit: 2 per week per person)

OpenDAO Video: Publish and share a video about OpenDAO, its products, or partnerships, etc. on Youtube or similar platform.
~ REWARDS: 50 OPEN tokens per video
(limit: 1 per week per person)

Social Media ‘Snowballs’: Engage the many communities across the social media landscape and get at least 10 ‘reactions’ (including shares, likes, retweets, comments, etc.) on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, 4Chan, or similar platform.
(limit: 3 per week per person)

Networking Lead: Are you one of the “DeFi OGs?,” or do you have a friend in the industry? Get rewards for helping create valuable connections and successfully linking OpenDAO with other crypto communities.
 REWARDS: 100 OPEN per successful introduction

Monthly Jackpot: Anyone participating in the Open Community Program is entered into a random drawing for a monthly Jackpot. Each submission (article, social media ‘snowball’, video, etc.) counts as ONE ENTRY into the drawing; this means that multiple entries are possible.
(limit: 1 winner)

Extraordinary Efforts: The sky is the limit! Do you have a great idea for supporting the DAO? Show it and share it! This category rewards extraordinary efforts that do not fall into the categories above, as determined by the OpenDAO team.



To be eligible, you must first join the main telegram group. Then, you should join the OpenDAO Open Community Program channel as well. See the links just below:

Main Telegram Group:
Open Community Program:

We track your activity after you share it in the Open Community Program group. Take a look at the example below (this person would receive 10 OPEN for their popular twitter post):

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Try to report all your daily activity in ONE SINGLE TELEGRAM POST! Posts in the Open Community Program group are limited to one per hour, so please be efficient and include all of your activity in one post with multiple links. [Note: For networking leads, those should be managed directly with members of the OpenDAO core team.]

Rewards will typically be paid during the first week of every new month, directly into your preferred wallet!



  1. All entries may be subject to disqualification at the discretion of the OpenDAO core team for any purpose.
  2. Patience is a Virtue a.k.a. no whining. Rewards are typically sent out within the first week of the month, but this can vary due to market conditions. Repeatedly ‘pestering’ team members may trigger rule #1.
  3. OpenDAO core team members are not available for rewards.
  4. Your participation in the Open Community Program is 100% voluntary. OpenDAO is under no obligation regarding community member content rewards, thus rewards may change without notice and are only available while the program lasts.


That’s all for now fellow OpenDAOists! We look forward to seeing you in the chat and in the new community program! Check below for more information about OpenDAO and some useful links.

And, if you like what you’ve read so far, be sure to smack that CLAP button a few times and let us know you’ve been here!

Image for post The future is now — visit About Open DAO:


About Open DAO:

We don’t really get to choose where we are born… However, our life outcomes are often dictated by it. Unfortunately, we are all shackled to our circumstances - access to opportunities is islanded and so is access to capital for good value-creating projects… Until cryptocurrency came into the world. OpenDAO seeks to further level the playing field and provide anyone access to real-world investment opportunities, regardless of their nation or economic status.

We do this by creating a “DeFi Bank” backed seamlessly by real world assets, including, but not limited to, real estate, stocks, and more…

OpenDAO Main Links

White Paper:
Transparency Document:









NOTE: This article has been re-produced for publishing on Publish0x with permission from the author.

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