How to stake your TrezarCoin (and withdraw from coinkit/graviex)
TrezarCoin: Redefining Proof-of-Stake
How to stake your TrezarCoin (and withdraw from coinkit/graviex)

By lucasc | Crypto Thoughts | 3 Feb 2020

TrezarCoin is a hybrid proof-of-work / proof-of-stake cryptocurrency. Like Bitcoin, you can mine TZC (TrezarCoin), earning coin with your computation power. You can also stake it in your wallet, which is a much lighter task than mining and yields you 100 TZC when your staked coin manages to earn a block. 

Ways to Acquire TrezarCoin

TrezarCoin, like any currency, is introduced to exchanges to go into circulation and be sold in a wide fashion.

Graviex (referral link) —
Crex24 (doesn't allow US customers) —
FinexBox —

Another way to get TZC is through giveaways.

Graviex (link above) has faucets and a popular community member @mirraxFTC has created multiple TZC faucets.

@coinkit_ on twitter allows for instant tipping and automated giveaways of several coins including TZC.
Follow and turn on its notifications, watch for when the bot replies to new giveaways so you can retweet before anyone else.

Installing the Wallet

Wallets for TrezarCoin are available for all 3 major desktop platforms (MacOS, Linux, Windows). You can also install an altcoin wallet on Android to hold your TZC, but this wallet is not capable of staking as it requires a small amount of processing power constantly from your computer hardware.

First, go to the website.
You can see at the top a menu "TZC", and under it is Wallets.

Wallets tab

Next, you will select the platform you are installing the wallet to.
Again, the only 3 with staking options are desktop options Mac Linux and Windows.

Desktop clients

Finish the installation

Then open it up. You will have to wait a while for it to sync up with the blockchain.
Then, you can generate a new address in the Receive tab of the wallet.

Receive tab

Click "request payment". The other options are unnecessary, but I will give a short explanation.

The options entered in these text boxes will create a short URI which, when clicked from a website or put in someone's browser will open their wallet to send you money. It is used to generate a QR code to share your wallet with friends which they can scan with their phone. Most of the time you will just want to skip these and use the address.

You will get something like this. Highlighted is an address.

example wallet

Moving your coins

If you have purchased TrezarCoin on Graviex you can withdraw it from your funds tab like so, after adding an address.


If you get TZC from @coinkit_ on Twitter, the method is simple to withdraw.



Begin Staking

Open your Staking tab in the TrezarCoin desktop wallet, and if it says off, click "on". The wallet will tell you statistics about the network. These numbers aren't important to understand, but it is part of what decides whether you earn coins. It will estimate how long it might be until you earn your next reward.



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