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Upland: Non-Fungible Token On-Ramp

This is set to be the year of the non-fungible token and minting your own is easy and free with Upland. If you haven’t heard, non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are unique tokenized assets that are not divisible or mutually interchangeable. These can be things like digital works of art, collectibles, rare items, and more.

The NBA has recently jumped on the NFT bandwagon with NBA Top Shot, which allows fans to purchase highlights from their favorite teams and players. Pokemon has also gotten involved with the release of Pokemon Booster Packs, some of which will include a holographic NFT collectible. In the case of Upland, your NFT will be pieces of real estate that you can buy and swap with other users.

The game promises to allow players to build structures and businesses on their purchased real estate with the idea that it can generate income and appreciate in value. That address becomes your NFT, a unique and indivisible token that can be sold to other players in the Upland marketplace.

If you sell your real estate, you will get an amount of UPX in accordance with the real estate’s unique updates and location.

The properties in Upland correspond to actual, real-world addresses and early players can get a sign-on bonus to start buying their first properties completely free. These properties allow players to become virtual landowners, build properties, start businesses, and earn UPX coins.

Upland allows players to start as visitors but eventually graduate to become permanent owners of these virtual properties. This occurs after their visas have been renewed the requisite number of times. Once a permanent Uplander, you can set up a business and create an income. Users can also buy and sell properties in the Upland open marketplace and interact with fellow players via hangouts like coffee shops.

Upland aims to be a social company, game, income generator, on-ramp to blockchain technology, and, of course, familiarize users with non-fungible tokens with no coding or on-hand ETH to get started.

Upland promises to be a worthwhile and cost effective way to dip one’s toe into the world of non-fungible tokens before they set the world on fire in the coming year.

The game is available in the App Store and Google Play. Learn more at the game website,, or jump into the community via Upland’s Discord and Telegram.

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