Top 5 Coins For Short Term Gains (Top 100 Market Cap)

By Kart8018 | Crypto thoughts and news | 26 May 2021

Ive been wanting to post this since the Bitcoin crash last week. The Bitcoin drop wreaked havoc on all of our altcoins. Support levels were useless as altcoins fell drastically , some over 50 percent. But I dont need to tell you all any of this. You're well aware. So for now I just want to focus on the coins in the top 100 in Market Cap that have the most potential to bring the most profitable short term gains. Again this is just focusing on the coins that I feel have the most potential within the next 2 weeks or so.

Number 1  Cardano (ADA)

Cardano held strong during the crash. The huge community involvement among its supporters held relatively strong in response to market drop. While I find that to be a good indicator of a move up in the short term, my real bullish sentiment for ADA is the fast approaching launch of smart contracts for the network. Once this happens, I along with many others, are expecting nothing but good things. Charles Hodgkinson  is an excellent marketer for the product and his experience is second to none. Also, even if we do have a market slump , ADA launching a brand new network will almost certainly bring considerable value to the coin. They are also creating a niche in Africa with the partnerships they are involved with. The real world and utility aspect of a project is very high on my list when determining with coins to invest into. 

A Look Inside Cardano's Big Blockchain Plans for Africa (

Number 2   Polkadot (DOT) 

The biggest reason I am long term invested in Polkadot is Dr. Gavin Wood. The man wrote the code for Ethereum . He left Ethereum to create his own vision. He is the founder and visionary for the DOT ecosystem. His ambitions are enormous. I trust him for the experience he has. He very early on realize Ethereum would have scaling issues, which is the reason we have absurd fees to use the Eth blockchain. If his project works, it could become the dominant smart contract ecosystem. 

DOT is currently trading at $23.00 at the time of this writing. This is essentially a 50 % discount from 2 weeks ago. Similar to ADA , Polkadot is quickly approaching the launch of the parachain network . Polkadot's vision is a bit complex and difficult to understand but I this link should help give an idea of the plans and ability to execute them successfully.

What Is Polkadot? | The Beginner’s Guide - Decrypt

Institutions buying DOT. 

Polkadot wins the hearts of institutions as cash inflow surges – Report (

Number 3  Harmony (ONE)

This is my favorite project at the moment. I believe that this is the most undervalued project in all of crypto. Currently trading at just over .10 cents, ONE was pumping prior to the crash. Peaking at about .185 cents per coin. I bought the dip on ONE. They have a cross-chain bridge to transfer assets from other blockchains, another one of the important factors on my list for investing in a project. Cross-chain utility blockchains are the future and Harmony has it down. This article states the benefits of the Harmony perfectly and I highly recommend reading it. 

The Sleeping Giant - Harmony One | The Most Undervalued Coin in all of Crypto (

Written by Jeremy Allen Kaufman. Check it out and maybe leave him a tip as this is superb reading and great info for any crypto investor. I wanted to write a post on Harmony, but Mr. Kaufman did it better than I could have. ( His post is my favorite post on Publish.0x )

Number 4  Thorchain (Rune) 

Thorchain is built on the Tendermint and Cosmos-SDK , the ATOM token for those unfamiliar with the terminology. Thorchain's primary utility is to be a cross-chain protocol for adding or removing liquidity and transferring assets. Thorchain is quite simple in its usage, although it may seem complicated. The main purpose for the protocol is to store and secure assets. The Rune token is used to pay for transactions and to secure the network. Rune claims to have over $450 million in assets under management. This is another project that I could see being successful regardless of outside market conditions. Currently trading at just over $12 dollars, I expect a fast move up to at least $20 in the next few weeks. Im currently still learning about the Thorchain blockchain myself and I would recommend taking a deeper dive into the technology and utility it provides. 

Thorchain website

Number 5  Solana (Sol)

Solana is uses proof of history. This is used to used to solidify the proof of stake consensus for validating transactions , allowing Solana to verify 50,000 transactions per second. This number is incredible and that speed will peak anyone's interest. . SOl is currently trading at $34.00. There has been quite a bit a hype the last few months in Solana as the price has risen from $3.30 in January to a peak of over $45.00 earlier this month. Currently, 100% of all SOL used to pay for blockchain transactions are burned. This number is expected to be reduced in the future. Similar to many other blockchains, protocols are easily able to build on the Solana blockchain. Serum Tether , USDC , and Sushiswap are all high profile projects to launch on Solana. There are many more currently building on the Solana network. I envision a price of $60 in the short term. 


Honorable Mention 

Pancakeswap. Trading at $18.50. High of approx $45.00 

Theta . Trading at $7.30 . High of $15.80. 


This is all my opinion and I expect all to do their own research prior to investing into a project. I hope I don't have to say this, but I don't want anyone to FOMO into anything without due dilligence. I am just a regular Joe , like many of you and have no professional experience in this market. 

I do believe we will see alot of explosive movement to the upside in the near future with the altcoin market. Many coins are likely to have significant gains in the next few weeks. Invest wisely.

Thanks for reading 


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