TP & SP are the best ways to succeed in trading

Always use TP & SP in crypto trading, I miss over $20 profit today

As we know we cannot stay longer watching the market moves with our orders, so that's sometimes we must leave our orders running on the market while we are dealing with other activities or we need to take a rest, So then as we leave our orders running while we need to go out, we need to set stop loss and take profit price in the order, because without doing that you'll be having a chance to lose or to miss the profit when the coin price has rise then drop.

For example me today I was Doing my best LTC/USDT analysis and the trending was supposed to buy Litecoin which it was really true, but unfortunately I was buy Litecoin and forget to set SP or selling price after the price rise, so that I was go offline for more than 9 hours, and when I'm getting back, I was confused to see litecoin price was hit $230 high price and at the moment Im getting back online the LTC price was $218 while I was Buying it for $214, so that's means I was getting the profit of $4 while I was supposed to have the profit of $16 if I were succeed to sell it at the price of $230.


So I just want to remind you guys don't dare to do the same mistake as I have doing, because if you'll always be doing the same mistakes, it would be too hard to succeed in your trading journey

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My name is emanec I'm the online worker from different platforms such as moderation's jobs and I'm the Forex and Crypto trader

Crypto the best place to invest but not to earn
Crypto the best place to invest but not to earn

Crypto is just the way of investing, many people thoughts that's investing is the way of earning, but the meaning of investing meant to be assuming for risk and rewards that's happened, that's why in investing you need to be patient.

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