Hive's Tribes Are A Game Changer For Smaller Authors!

Hive's Tribes Are A Game Changer For Smaller Authors!

By Khazrakh | Crypto TCG | 20 Oct 2020

When I first picked up blogging, it was mostly an excuse to practice my English writing skills. Like many others, I had a lot of time at my hands due to the Corona Lockdown and it seemed like something worthwhile to do. I really did not expect too much from it when I uploaded my first article, Top 5 reasons blockchain games still fail to achieve mainstream adaptation, to Publish0x. For some reason, people seemed to like it and with more than 4,500 views and almost 10$ earned in Crypto, it's still one of my most successful articles until today.

Earning some Crypto while doing something I enjoyed obviously got me hooked and soon after, I found out about Hive. In the beginning, I just copied my articles from Publish0x over to Hive, but after some weeks, I switched to publishing on Hive first and started to copy my articles to Publish0x.

This is not going to be an article discussing whether you should publish on Hive or Publish0x, though. To be very clear here, I don't see any reason not to publish on both platforms. While earning Crypto was not necessarily what made me start to blog, doing so is obviously what kept me going. If you publish on both platforms, you are almost guaranteed to earn more than you would if you focus on either of them.

That said, I never became one of the big players on either platform. I'm still really happy with the amount of views and votes I get on both and I just kept doing my articles every few days. In my recent Play2Earn Report, somebody asked me how much I earn per article and to tell the truth, this was the first time in some months that I really took a closer look at that.

What I found really made me change the way I look at both platforms and that is because of Hive's various tribes. If you are not familiar with the term tribe, it's basically a community within Hive that's paying additional rewards in their native token for using their tags and/or for publishing through their own front end like or Publishing with these tribes in mind is a real game changer, especially if you are a small author like me. Let me show you why.

Let's first have a look at my most recent articles on both Publish0x and Hive:







As you can see, the number of votes/views is varying a bit but my earnings per article are rather stable both on Publish0x and Hive. Please note, that all payouts for articles written less than 7 days ago will be halved on Hive as half of the payout will go to the curators.

That results in an average of 2.36$ earned per article on Publish0X and 2.17$ per article on Hive or an average of about 4.5$ earned per article overall. While I'm already rather happy with that, I also use tags from various tribes corresponding to the content of my article. Let's have a look at a few of them that I'd advise to use whenever possible:


Leo.Finance is the most obvious choice and by far the strongest tribe currently active on Hive. As the name suggests, the tribe is focused around all kinds of economical contents but also features cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and blockchains games. I basically always publish my Hive articles through leofinance as it covers more than 95% of the topics I write articles about.




While Leo dipped a bit because of the wLeo hack, it is still traded at around 1 Leo = 1 Hive at Hive-Engine so in the above example, I earned an additional 17 Hive or ~2.55$ from publishing through the leofinance tribe!

If you don't want to sell your Leo right away (I don't!) you can also stake it. This allows you to give bigger upvotes on leofinance, thus earning you even more through your curation.


As the name implies, splintertalk focuses solely on all content regarding Splinterlands, the single most successful blockchain game there is. While this is obviously a lot more focused on a single topic than leofinance, it's still a very interesting tribe to use! Simply publish through their front end or use either the #splinterlands or #spt tag in your article.




This tribe's token is called SPT and is traded on Hive-Engine as well. While it has no immediate use yet, it's supposed to be used to purchase skins and other cosmetics in a special Splinterlands shop some time in the future. Because of that, I expect the value of SPT to go up eventually. Right now it still trades at roughly 1,000 SPT = 1 Hive or ~0.15$.

As you can see, the amount of SPT I earn varies a lot and is mostly dictated by how strongly the article focuses on Splinterlands. As with Leo, you can also stake your SPT in order to increase your upvote value over on splintertalk. Since you probably don't only want to vote on Splinterlands topic, I'd strongly advise to delegate all staked SPT to @monster-curator, an account focused on manual curation of Splinterlands content. 100% of the SPT earned is returned to the user providing the SPT so there's no better way to earn additional SPT!


Battlegames is the third tribe I'm publishing with a lot. Simply adding #battle to your tags is all you have to do in that case. As the name somewhat implies, battlegames is focused on blockchain gaming but also any kind of gaming in general. As my content mostly revolves around (blockchain) gaming, this tribe is an obvious fit for me.




As with the other tokens, battle can be traded at Hive-Engine and right now, 1,000 Battle equal about 3 Hive or ~0,45$. You can stake it just as well to improve your curation rewards for any article with the #battle tag.

There are many more tribes out there waiting to be discovered and/or go big and I'm still finding them one by one myself. Depending on the topic I write about, my earnings from these tribe tokens even surpass my earnings from both Publish0x and Hive together.

So if you ever intend to publish any content on Hive (or Publish0x) I can only encourage you to look out for these tribes and publish to the ones fitting to your topic. Using their tags almost doubled my earnings without any additional effort required.

That's all from me today! What tribe(s) are you using? Are there any tribes that I really should know of that would fit with my content? If you have any ideas for me, please leave me a comment!

Thank you all for reading and see you next time!


Crypto and gaming enthusiast. Looking forward to true next gen crypto gaming in the very near future.

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