it's the end of the coinpot faucette

By Music Light | Crypto Taste | 25 Jan 2021



If like me you like the faucet for the fun of the crypto collection, you will be saddened to learn that the best payers on the market for years will soon close their doors.



It was with a heavy heart that I learned this news, I had become a big fan of their economic model, it's been the first to bring crypto stacking with incredible rates, but like any business that works she had her worries, the developers were working for free on this Project, and financed themselves with the ads on their website, with the multitude of bot on their site, they had time to work on an incredible protection IA, to achieve this to hold out he had to have to protect himself from

We see, the end of the faucet website with the loss of its leader, or let's see a new cool company emerge in the middle of the rubble.

In any case, the coinpot team will not be left out and will continue the adventure of the blockchain but with their bot that they have had time to develop thanks to coinpot.

case to follow

the automation bot of faucette which we already had several other sites of faucets which worked rather well

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