HONEYGAIN - AMAZING Passive Income - Effortlessly.

By Music Light | Crypto Taste | 25 Sep 2020



Hi I just found out about HoneyGain,
It allows you to share your internet connection when you are not using it, which does not slow down your pc when you need it.


if you use my affiliate links you will directly earn $ 5 : MYLINK


you just have to create an account, a little software to install on your PC, Mac, or Android (see the 3 to maximize your earnings) and go.

I leave you an affiliate link where you will earn 5 dollars directly, the withdrawal can be made on your paypal account or directly on your bank account, I received my first payment after 50 days.

what we might fear is the creation of a backdoor in your computer, directly linked to the deepweb, but after several checks with a reverse proxy and the returns are not strange.

We could also fear a hidden mining application but no, the cpu and the gpu do not react at all.

Their working principle and on the use of your data for targeted marketing, why use it and freely give your data, because you already do it every day with facebook or google, but at least you can collect a small part of it

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