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By Music Light | Crypto Taste | 25 Sep 2020


I found a 100% winning little trick without taking the lead, you just have to leave it running in the background it's mathematically proven if you stick to what I write it's impossible to lose!
First open a coinpot account.


You then need to earn 300 tokens with faucets (that's the boring part, but it's okay it's pretty quick)


Some faucets that work in direct withdraw with coinpot:














Once you have your faucet claims, you must exchange your cryptos for coinpot tokens up to 300.

Once the 300 Tokens are reached this is where it all begins, you need to play multiply with the following settings:

General tab, use autoroll checked
Pause between rolls: no pause

on win tab, do not change anything

on lose tab, HIGH / LOW box you have to put alternate


Then you have to make 100,000 rolls per day at 1 TOKEN (very important step 2, not 5 not 10, otherwise you may lose)
and thanks to the daily quests, you will earn at least 2200 coinpot token per day.
2200 Coinpot token = approx. 2903 Satoshi BTC

Small tip, you can divide the throws on 10 different tabs by putting 10,000 throws each to go a little faster
or on 5 with 20,000 launched

For my part in 4 days I went from 550 tokens to 12k tokens thanks to other missions that I had never done before, it can go up very quickly!


Use these precise settings well and never bet more than 1 token and no 100,000 roll / day otherwise you have a chance of losing.

Thanks to those who use the affiliate links, it doesn't cost you anything but it's a big gesture to thank me for the tip.

ENJOY friends

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