Enchanted Defender- Tiny but very useful against sneak and opportunity melee attack

By xawi | Crypto talks | 2 Feb 2021

When I was checking about that what's this week challenge this gif got my attention I liked it and saved it from the splinterlands post. If you will click on the source, it will take you to this week splinterlands challenge post. All the best.

I am the only one who is doing challenge post so late I suppose but I guess there will be many. This week splinterlands wants us to share battle using Enchanted Defender. Enchanted Defender is a promo neutral monster. It was only available in essence Orbs and now essence orbs are no more. You can buy it from the market and currently it is trading at 0.044$/BCX. I am telling you if you want it then go ahead and max it. It is really a useful card and I like it a lot. That's the reason I have maxed mine. I do feel like it is still trading at a very cheap price and it is going to increase in its price. So better take advantage of this current price.
I am going to share a battle where I used it to counter sneak melee attack and also Enchanted Defender is really good if you want to counter opportunity melee attack ;).



The only rule I was given Up close and personal In this rule, only Melee monster may be sued in the battle.

My Line-up


Lord of Darkness
I used Lord of Darkness in the first position. Lord of Darkness has Four abilities stun shieldenrageretaliate. All the best abilities against any Melee monster attack.


gif sp.gif



Corrupted Pegasus

I used Corrupted Pegasus in second place. Another such wonderful promo legendary. Death splinter only has Corrupted Pegasus which has the healing ability. It heals, strengthens fellow monsters.


gif sp.gif



Enchanted Defender
I used Enchanted Defender the theme of the week in the last position. Enchanted Defender has always been great against sneak melee attack and also opportunity attack monsters. but now there we have some monsters with shatters ability such as battering ram has an opportunity ability along with shatters so yep Enchanted Defender is failed in such situation. And when you are using it in the last position then pray your opponent wouldn't come with a sneak magic attack then you are gone. So yep you can't use it blindly. I love using it when the rule is an equalizer and little league. I hope you've enjoyed my 3 monsters battle :P I guess that is the first battle I am sharing where I used only 3 monsters :P XD Well, not my fault I was given only 20 mana ;) Keep rocking and keep splinterlands see ya



gif sp.gif





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