UNIO airdrop

UNIO airdrop, just paste ERC20 wallet address to claim UNIO.

How to claim airdrop

To claim the airdrop just go to and then click on airdrop. It will take you to the bottom of the homepage(you can manually go as well).

There you just have to paste your ERC-20 address(not an exchange address but an Ethereum wallet address) and click submit you will receive UNIO after the airdrop ends in June 20. So go  to the website and claim the drop.

What is UNIO

UNIO is the abbreviation of UNIOSWAP. UNIO is a hard fork of UNI, which aims to eliminate the inherent flaws of UNI, simplify the user threshold, and provide lower rates to promote the DEFI ecosystem. The total amount of UNIO is 50,000, and the amount for airdrop is 9,000.

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