Bitcoin may reach $20k before $100k.

As the bearish movement continues in the Crypto market, Bitcoin is possibly on its way to $20k before it can reach $100k.

The market is continuing the bearish movement. Bitcoin is currently trading in the $35k zone. The chance for a further fall is very likely. So if it does fall, how much lower will it reach. Let's analyze using price actions.

If we study the price actions we can see that the support Bitcoin had on $40k is already broken and now is consolidating within $40k-$30k. There is huge support around the $30k zone. When Bitcoin crashed heavily last week, it touched $30k before bouncing back to the $40k zone. So if the bearish movement continues and slips below $30k, the next big support is in $20k. So the chance of Bitcoin reaching $20K is still on.

Bitcoin to $100k

If it does fall to that price range, it will be a great opportunity to add more units before it bounces back to maybe $100k🤑🤷‍♂️.

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If you look at it, this type of fall is not that bad. A fall is a great opportunity for investors to book profit and use that profit for good use, like buying that "Lambo"🏎️ or even add more units with the profit. I know it's easy to type it up and hard to predict the beginning of a fall. But every rise/fall in Crypto is a learning opportunity. And don't worry if you missed this opportunity to book profit, I assure you it won't be the last bear market Bitcoin or any other crypto will face.



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